Can I learn mindfulness at a yoga and meditation retreat?


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Jun 25, 2019
Hey you guys!

I've made great progress since I started my personal development journey. Things have changed a lot, and fortunately, for better :) I've lost a lot of weight, I'm much stronger, I finally started to improve my level in Spanish and my business is on a roll. All in all, life is great!

Nonetheless, now I'm aiming higher, and as my income allows it now, I'm interested in joining a yoga and meditation retreat. I already practice both things (meditation daily, yoga two times a week), but I'd like to immerse myself into both practices for a long period (1-2 months), to improve my levels of mindfulness.

The thing is, I'd like direct recommendations from you, especially if you have attended such retreat before. All suggestions will be welcome, and yes, feel free to suggest retreats from any part of the world, be it India, Thailand, etc. :) Thanks!