Boosting self-confidence


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Jan 18, 2018
Heeeey dudes, just wanna let you know that I am glad to know that I am not the only person who is going on through this, I mean, I'm not glad that others are also experiencing the same problem but I think It's kind of cool to meet people who actually understand you : )

Danny Jones

There are a many ways to boost your self-confidence. I pick up a few point which helps you to enhance your confidence. You should Groom yourself; Photoshop your self-image; Dress nicely; always Think in a positive way; Kill negative thoughts; Get to know yourself; Know your principles and live with them; Speak slowly but confidently; Increase competence; Set a small goal and achieve it.If Follow all these things, then you will get a result within a few days.

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Jan 31, 2018
Vancouver, BC
Growing up, I must admit I had low self-esteem. Maybe it was my peers who made me feel that I don't belong and I was a loser or something. What I did was just focus on my studies which made me look a loser even more.

When I reached high school, I began to socialize and get a group of friends. Somehow, they have increased by confidence by telling me praises and the good qualities that I possess.

At present, I cannot say that I have 100% confidence but I think I am confident enough to face the world.

Now I just want to ask you guys if you have confidence-boosting tips so that anyone here who lacks confidence would learn how to change for the better.

Well, what can you advice?
Two things really help. Self-love and doing courage.

You felt down on yourself until you got some friends who started to encourage you. They showed you that you don't have to be shy or not think much of yourself, they increased your confidence by telling you that you were okay. You can do this for yourself as well and give yourself credit when you deserve it, you can encourage yourself. We all need to give ourselves self-love.

I also think that doing courage is very important. Do things that scare you and it will build your confidence over time. Put yourself out into the world and try new things even if you are afraid, you'll end up growing more mature and becoming more confident. Do courage in order to build confidence.