Best Self-help Videos on Youtube

Jan 28, 2018
A few years ago I developed a daily habit of listening to self-help talks on youtube and it has really helped me. Shown below are some of my favorite teachers, all of whom have lots of free talks on youtube. Most of their talks focus on happiness, wisdom, and dealing with life’s difficulties. Links to some of my favorite talks are available at my website shown in my signature line. If you like these teachers you may also enjoy the book I wrote “How to be Happy and at Peace”, which I would be happy to send to you for free (also available on amazon and kindle unlimited). What are some of your favorite self-help teachers on youtube?

Buddhist Monks
My favorite teachers are Theravada Buddhist Monks (see names below). While these talks are given in a Buddhist setting there is very little about them that comes across as religious and they are an incredible self-help resource. Their focus is not on religious beliefs but on practical psychological guidance that can help everyone live happier more peaceful lives. The Buddha was simply a human and Buddhism is about understanding suffering and how to be free from it; it is not about the worship of gods.

My process is to search YouTube for "ajahn" followed by whatever topic I want to learn about (e.g. depression, or self esteem). (Ajahn is a Thai word meaning teacher. You can also search for "Bhante" which means monk). Shown below are some of my favorite teachers and subjects:

Ajahn Jayasaro - Happiness
Ajahn Brahm - Depression
Ajahn Viradhammo - Awakening to the Way Things Are
Ajahn Dhiravamso - The Five Hindrances (that distort our vision and cause us to suffer)
Ajahn Vayama – Courage to Face our Fears

New Age / Psychology
Eckhart Tolle
Eckhart is definitely one of my favorite teachers. I find his talks on the Painbody particularly helpful.

Robert Najemy
Listening to his talks feels like having your own personal psychologist. I like his talks on analyzing our emotions.

Sarah Carlson

Advisor Member
Feb 11, 2018
Mindvalley are my favourite self help mentors.

Controversial, compassionate and very knowledgeable I love watching their videos. They offer some great world-wide teachers and it's awesome listening to their talks. If you have time, I suggest you take a look!