Becoming a Well-Rounded Individual


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Nov 15, 2016
United States
A well-rounded person is the one who has many interests, pursues various types of hobbies, has developed several valuable skill sets, and continues to improve on each of these skills plus makes it imperative to learn even more as they go through life. I guess in the business and employment worlds this is also referred to as being or becoming highly marketable.
However, well-rounded doesn't always necessary have to do with money-making ability as to make money you have to know what is needed out there and be able to position yourself as someone who is able to effectively address these various needs.
While it has been the popular idea that you must excel at doing just one or two things very well in order to be successful, today's reality of fast and frequent changes suggests that it is a great idea to come out of the narrow-skill mindset and either build exponentially upon your existing skills, or venture into the process of acquiring completely different skills so you can get some dramatically new perspectives on life. After all, we all tend to create our own reality boxes when we dedicate ourselves exclusively to one profession or trade, or interest. Getting out of the box means leaving that cherished comfort zone to find out how much we have been missing while being cozily sheltered underfur subjective idea of being great at something that many people may not even need any longer; or to discover that there are so many more urgent needs that we can address simply by learning a new skill or several new skills, and willfully broaden our horizon with new relationships and opportunities.