Autologie a new method for self improvement!


Nov 13, 2019
Hello everybody!
Autologie is the newest and most revolutionary way to approach life, existence and It's mechanics, giving the individual a better control of his abilities. Follow @autotheisticautologies on instagram for more content about human existence and behaviour. We are building a serious technology the help people improve, which is our main goal! This our fiverr account
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Definition: Auto - Self / "oneself" and Logie / Logos: Study / Study of. Autologie is the study of "Oneself". It's goal is to make a person more self-conscious to the point of being able to operate in life in the way that he really might feel satisfied and fulfilled.
The knowledge contained in this new branch of study is the set of years and years of research in the fields of philosophy, humanities, physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, psychology and arithmetic. Our goal is to increase people's knowledge of what we call Existential Mechanics or E.M.
These mechanics are the result of the observation of human activities in the various DIMENSIONS in which it operates. The dimensions are any kind of activity linked to the act of living, whether it is a group activity, the field of art, love and etc. It's ability to operate in such areas increases to the extent that it knows itself and existence as a whole and along with that its happiness accordingly.
It is in this way that we handle life: through a set of applied and functional knowledge. Our aim is to give you functional data and to make you understand how the mechanics "cause up to effect" of existence and human behavior works. We guarantee you a high level of knowledge of these mechanics and of life but it is only your will and dedication to decide whether to make them work or not.