Auditory Memory Exercises


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Jun 2, 2016
Auditory Memory Exercises: Keep Your Brain Sharp
Have you ever listened to a song and then you can’t remember what you just listened to? Or maybe someone told you their address and as soon as you heard it you forgot it? Does this happen to you often? Then you might want to engage in some auditory memory exercises to help keep your brain sharp. The more you practice auditory memory exercises, the better you’ll get and soon you won’t have to write anything down. You’ll hear something once and will be ingrained in your short term memory for a longer period of time than you’re normally used to. This is great for phone numbers, addresses, instructions, shopping lists and more.

Top Ten Countdown
A good auditory memory exercise is to listen to a top ten countdown on your favorite radio station. Don’t write any of the songs down but try to remember the titles to each one as they are played. Then, at the end, try to write them down in the order that you heard them. As you get better, you should be able to write down the artist and song title without having to try very hard. The best part about this type of auditory memory exercise is that the radio stations that play these types of countdowns often have contests to see who can remember the list the best. You could win some money while also helping to increase your short term memory capacity.

Partner Exercises
Another type of auditory memory exercise involves using a partner. Have a partner recite something to you, such as an address, a shopping list, or anything else that you have to remember. Then, try and recite back what you heard word for word. As you practice, you’ll get better and soon you’ll be able to recite everything you heard without having to ask for a cue. As with anything, the more you practice the better you’ll get so try this one as often as you can if you really want to sharpen your short term memory skills.

If you don’t have a partner, you can do this with a recording. Play back a recording of a song, a comedy routine, or anything else and then try to write down what you heard. As you get better, you’ll be able to write down every detail without having to go back and check.

Auditory memory exercises can be performed anytime, anywhere, and they’re a great idea for anyone who would like to hold onto information a little longer than the few milliseconds after they’ve heard it.

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