Assertiveness: Build Confidence, Earn Respect and Take Control

Joel Derrington

New Member
Mar 28, 2018
The book "Assertiveness: Build Confidence, Earn Respect and Take Control" will be released in the next few hours in the Kindle Store! Follow this post to find out when it will go on FREE promotion.

The Inner Approach To Being More Assertive. Understand Yourself And Take Control.
By Purchasing This Book You Gain Access To The Exclusive Facebook Group Where You Can Share Experiences, Ask Questions And Help Others In Their Journey. Instructions On How To Join Are Inside The Book.

This book will teach you how you have LEARNT to be unassertive and insecure, and how you can reverse this learning to become assertive and confident. Challenge the views that you don’t even realise you hold about your own assertiveness and self-worth and re-write them by understanding and facing your fears.
It will guide you through the process of letting go of this identity and becoming assertive. And notice I said process. Assertiveness requires you to take action. However, it will not take nearly as much time as you think, and the actions prescribed by this book are designed to be challenging but doable.
Learn how to let go of the negative self-talk that is holding you back and compromising your assertiveness. You aren’t bad for being unassertive, you simply lack information about how your mind works. There is a reason why you are scared to speak up, to ask for what you want, to go against other’s wishes, to put your personality on the line for others to judge, … but this reason is not that you are garbage. Assertiveness goes much deeper than that.
This book contains challenges that you can do to PRACTICE the skills that this book teaches so that you can apply them in your day to day life.
This Book Will Teach You

- Why You Are Unassertive
- How Social Conditioning Shapes You
- The Real Reason People Don’t Respect You
- The Actions You Can Take To Be Assertive Without Faking It
- How To Deal With The Transition From The Old You To The Assertive You