Are you stuck or pretending to be stuck?

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
In life its common to face hurdles and walls that force us to devise a new strategy for forward movement. The rub is when we feel stuck, sometimes we may not actually be stuck. So how do we know? If you feel stuck right now, 1 question can determine if your blocks are real or mental?

-Real blocks mean we are currently stuck, dead in the water until something changes or happens. No movement is possible, no steps to take and no way to affect the time frame until we get results.

-Mental hurdles are usually a sign of negative expectations and/or fear that stops movement although movement is possible. A negative attitude can come from a recent spell of bad luck or from past programing to name a few sources.

The question that determines if you are truly stuck is, “Can I Take Action Now”.
An honest answer can thrust you toward your goal.

Here is an example.

Real block-
You work a special technology job and it only has 3 positions in the state. You ask yourself “can I take action now” and decide since the roles are filled to get your resume on file at each company. You ask the question again and realize this is a real action step block. However even real blocks don’t mean failure it just means time frames likely can’t be collapsed and we need more ingenuity.

Imaginary block-
You are stuck waiting for a hiring manager to call about a job. The company said they would call on Monday. You waited and receive no call now its Tuesday at Noon. You don’t want to call because you might come across as desperate. In this example the mental block of how you will be received is stopping you from taking the needed action to reach your goal.

If there is action to take, take it, don’t fall for the negative mind trap of “Well, even if I take this step I won’t be able to do anything after that.” The path reveals itself 1 step at a time; even if you think there is nothing to do after this step, take the next step.

Keep moving forward, don’t stop.