Are you living your dreams , or other people fears?


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Jul 19, 2018

Have your ever decided to follow a dream? All of the sudden, family and friends starts to have opinions. They start feeding fear instead of faith. They try to dissuade you with negativity imagery of death and criticism . They tell your dumb ,crazy and stupid for doing what you feel lead to do They even try to threaten you with the lost of the relationship, if you don't obey . Are they protected you? Are they right? What do you do when you get caught up in the web of lies of the mind?

Well, I decided to carve to own path. I realize that in order to live the life I desire it going take courage. Courage to face fear, and criticism from family and friends. People opinions are not facts, just opinions. You can't live in fear, fear is just an illusion , to keep you close in and make you miserable. People like it when you slow down and accept mediocrity and but you deserve to be, to have and do whatever you long to do. Life is your to create .
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