Are You In Sync With What You Seek?

Sep 13, 2019
I will explain how to be in sync with what you seek by showing you a common scenario of two people who are out of sync with what they seek. Here is a “lack of synchronicity” scenario that caused two people to be repelled away from what they thought they wanted.

A violent repelling of wants by Truth is typically what's taking place when a couple tries to buy a house they think is perfect for them, but can't get it. Unfortunately, they fall in love with a house that seems to be inexplicably forbidden to them. It commonly begins when the two of them believe they are going to be so happy living in this house because it has everything they think will make their lives so much better. They believe this to their core and are emotionally charged about the possibilities of a bright future, living in this house.

It could be true that this house would make their lives a lot better, but they moved forward while idealizing. They idealized by believing the house would make their lives more better than it could. This frame of mind is one of the ultimate killers of a successful deliberate attraction. Because they idealized, no matter how hard they try, they cannot seem to close the deal on the house.

Little things come up like failed inspections and appraisal issues. There was also a problem finding the person who owns the house, who they need to get a hold of, so she can sign a document that is missing her signature. This missing signature caused the banks to stall on a loan approval. No matter what they do, they cannot seem to get this house. They finally give up when they discover prior liens against the house, which make it unsalable until those liens clear. They gave up because they don’t have the time to wait for the issues to clear. This is an unfortunate scenario because that house would have made their lives better, but not as much as they anticipated.

This ended up being the case because there was no intentional focus on their behalf, beforehand. Instead of being overtaken by the dream of an experience then have the house fit into that dream, they were overtaken by a house and imagined all the scenarios they could have in that house. Basically, they put the cart before the horse. They were overtaken by the essence of an inanimate object instead of having the inanimate object fit into the essence of their attraction-requirements, for the specific experiences they seek. They needed to have the intentions FIRST then the expectations. After they have intentions and expectations, they can then act on, or give motion to those intentions and expectations.

If they had intentions first, they more than likely would never have been drawn to that house, but instead, would have been drawn to the right house as a result of their magnetic resonance. However, this wasn't the case. They had the order wrong. They had it backward. They started with the motion by leaving their home before putting much thought into their intentions. After they left their home, they had expectations to find some beautiful houses. When they explored the beautiful houses, they brainstormed all the possible intentions that could come to fruition in each house. When they found a beautiful house with an attractive set of uses, they envisioned what the lifestyle would be like for the people living in that house. After that, they attempted to stuff, mold, and stretch themselves to fit into that lifestyle in their thoughts and imagination. This, in turn, put them out of touch with their truth.

They jumbled up the order, even more, when they believed and expected their lives would be a certain way in that house. They then intended to bring those beliefs and expectations to fruition by putting in motion an effort to buy. The energy they put into bringing their false beliefs to fruition were directly proportional to the counter-energy they were dealing with, from the truth stopping them. In other words, the more they tried, the more they were met with resistance. Remember that Intentions are very powerful. Because of this, you need to have intentions first, or you will give yourself a migraine. By having intentions first, all your energy is spent productively.

Just like the couple, you should still be prepared to go all the way in all your pursuits and believe the best of everything (that you found the prize) so to get it right the first time or be immediately redirected. You should use Truth to guide you when searching while using an “all or nothing” mindset. However, you shouldn't micromanage the universe by relentlessly pursuing what you “think” will make you happier. By staying focused on the experience you desire and letting what can be, be, you will be in a better place before you know it. The trick is, you must always be ready to walk away. You should never have a point of no return. The moment there is any friction, you should turn around and walk away with confidence that it is not what you are seeking.

This scenario of a couple failing to close on a house is neither negative nor positive. Much like Truth, this scenario is what it is. It may feel different for this couple because they decided to fight Truth and by doing this, they eventually felt the pain of fighting an impenetrable force. Truth is like a huge tree. It just stands there and exists. If you decide to punch the tree and fight the tree, you will hurt yourself. Therefore, just like the tree, if Truth stands in your way, then walk in a different direction or around it. The moral of this explanation is, if you keep your eyes on the desired experience than anything that happens will be for the best.

Let's take the same couple and put them in a different scenario where they didn't idealize. They intended first, then put into action those intentions by moving while expecting. They found a seemingly perfect home and loved the home for what it truly was. They genuinely knew they “could” be happy in it because all of the deal-making elements were there. However, what they didn't realize is that the house had a lot of issues. The house had severe water damage and mold that was hidden from plain view. This water damage is what made the gnarled wood attractive to the termites that infest the house. Also, the neighbor is a creepy man who likes to stalk redheads, and it just so happens that the wife is the exact type of redhead he is obsessed with. If all goes well, they will attempt to buy the house, and because of their intentional expectations, they will not get it.

That said, pursuing a new experience, intentionally, will save yourself a lot of time and a lot of grief. Stay aware, so you will know when things are getting too complicated,and you are being stopped. When things were meant to be, they are drawn towards you effortlessly. When you are in congruence with what you're looking for, all matters will run smoothly. It will almost feel like you have manifested effortlessly because everything around you is working in your favor. That said, it would be in your best interests to decide on specific intentions, and expectations (i.e. dealmakers and deal-breakers) then swear by them so you either get it fast or get repelled by it immediately. Go with the flow, but only when you have set intentions.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~