An unexpected cure


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Feb 15, 2016
Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and I’ve felt the need to tell others the story about how I got cured from a disease that should have killed me a long time ago.

I was a skeptic for my whole life when it came to spirituality or magic but I’ve been doomed by the doctors when I finally had money, success, a beautiful wife and amazing friends. I’ve actually been working hard my whole life just to find out that I’m going to die, before I’ve had a REAL chance to enjoy all that I’ve been working for this far. This was unacceptable so I’ve managed to open my mind due to the encouragements of my friends, who kept telling me stories about spiritual healers, healing spells, etc. They kept talking about it and since I’ve had nothing to lose, I gave in. As expected, nothing worked for about 2 months; trying different renowned healers on the internet and also traveling hundreds of miles for some bio-energy experts didn’t work. I kept going for the regular check-ups, but of course, nothing has changed. This was as long as I’ve visited healers from America. My brother in law showed up one day saying that his best friend’s brother had also went through a deadly “disease”, and that he found a witch in Transylvania (he was working at Untold Festival in Romania) who sold him a potion of something, and it healed his brother in 1 week, he recovered completely.

I paid a friend plane tickets to go and track down the witch and buy me a potion so I can laugh in my brother in law’s face, but it worked. She told him that she opened a website for a year or so and that she’s selling it on the internet so we shouldn’t have gone from America all the way to buy it. Anyway. It worked. How the hell did it work? It was water in a bottle. I’ve worn it and the disease slowly disappeared. f*** science!