American Reservation


May 15, 2014
Within their divided nation you must live
Ever burdened by the homage you have to give
As they resume their fight after saluting Old Glory
Horns blowing, blue and red banners flying
Ever at odds while their nation is slowly dying
A sad enough ending for an even sadder story

Throw that accursed blue or red banner down
And both sides will whip you out of town
They shall have no objection to their fight
Consumed with squabbling they fail to understand
The minds of all others living in this dying land
Millions just like you beyond their near sight

The American dream sleeps with the dead
Not in tent cities, the cold ground for a bed
Sad days, troubled times and grim revelations
Cutbacks, pink slips and let go on a Friday
Unpaid mortgages, forced evictions, moving away
Americans of all colors living on reservations

Lady Liberty, that torch bearing heartless witch
How sweetly she embraces only the rich
Sourly disregarding everyone else as fools
Courtesan and clientele fornicating on the floor
Carried upon the backs of the working poor
Played by corporate shills and government tools

Your numbers grow with each new painful day
What else do you have can they take away
Your children’s future you should be worried about
Living in poverty on your American reservation
Your vast numbers and having the realization
Their few guarded gates can never keep you out