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    Good afternoon to you all.
    My name is Shaka Lee
    I am currently residing in Hawaii, but originally from Toronto - Canada. I came to Hawaii with my partner of 4 years to look inward to myself and my life and where I'm headed.
    I'm 26 years old and I recently lost my father to cancer. He raised me, as I don't have a good relationship with my mother. It was a strenuous year for me being his sole caretaker. And since his passing I've been dealing with getting myself back on track. I decided to travel to Hawaii, to get away from the miserable cold weather, but also to give myself a bit of a jolt into real life again. I just wanted some sunshine again. Literally and metaphorically.
    Going through that bit of loss has made me realize a lot about myself, my relationship with my father as well as where I get some specific tendencies that I would love to get rid of.
    I realize this might be a bit much for an introduction post, but I'm one to ramble at times.

    I hope this community provides insight in those areas.

    But I should also mention HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY.
    I am trying to find my voice as a confidence coach. I think I can help women become more confident in themselves through things like self love, self care, and body positivity.
    I would very much enjoy if anyone who is struggling with their body, self esteem, or their self worth that they message me.

    I am also interested in putting together a blog sometime in the near future and hope that a place like this will help me find my voice!

    And I'm done, thank you for listening.

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