A Simple Technique That Will Help Boost Your Magnetic Influence When Deliberately Attracting ((USE WITH CAUTION))

Sep 13, 2019
I’m going to give you an effective technique that you can dabble with. It’s a personal-magnetism technique that helps you stay focused on and radiate the better aspects of yourself. Also, this technique helps accelerate your “magnetic clicks” for when your gravity draws like-minded co-creators close enough to bond with you and pursue a new experience with you. This technique also takes the guesswork out of who will magnetically click with you by weeding-out the bystanders. This weeding-out will be done by your co-creators who will decide on whether they will join you or move away from you. Lastly, this technique keeps you active so you won't have to sit idly by, wondering if magnetic-interlocking opportunities are nearby.

When you use this technique, your co-creators will respond to the qualities you want them to notice about you, as opposed to a default-projection based on whatever mood you may be in at the moment. Sudden changes in your mood can ruin any opportunity you prepared for or deliberately gravitated towards you. This is because your vibrations might be out of sync with the vibrations you need to radiate to “seal the deal.” Ultimately, this technique works wonders when looking to gain a strong and worthwhile unity with others with the highest yield of probability because you won't miss out on opportunities, but instead, will stay active and in the moment.

Here is a quick correlation of how this exercise works. Let's say you have a stain on your shirt and you are obsessively thinking about it. If you are focused on any blemish on your person, then other people will notice it very quickly. If someone does notice the stain, you will feel it and will also feel uncomfortable which will make you want to keep your interactions short with that person. Likewise, If someone else has a stain on their shirt and you take notice in it, then that person will feel your judgments and will want to get away from you to ease the discomfort. If both of you have stains on your shirts and weren't in a recent food-fight, then that interaction will be just plain weird. With this exercise, the same concept is taking place but on a positive note. If you accept other’s place in this world, while simultaneously radiating your great aspects, then more people will take notice and have an affinity towards you.

The exercise is as follows. Find a mirror and look at yourself in it, then look away. As you are looking away from the mirror, feel your full essence. As you are still looking elsewhere, say to yourself in your thoughts, “I am (your name).” Say who you are and know it until you can feel it. As you say your name, feel and hold onto that essence until you can feel it without needing to recite any words mentally. It will feel like an active energy is in your presence hovering over your head. Hold onto that essence then look at your eyes in the mirror and project your essence right into the eyes looking back at you. The essence you are projecting to yourself is saying, “I am (your name)” but without any words. It’s a self-awareness created from your words that are energetically transferred into a feeling that is then transferred into your eyes in the mirror. Remember, it's not words you are speaking, it's the essence of your self-awareness that you must project. When you get the feel of it, you can put anything after the “I am” and project that essence as well.

When you project your essence in the mirror, the person in the mirror (you) projects it right back. At first, your head might jolt back. This is normal. Most of us don't understand ourselves, let alone have ever seen ourselves in this way. Keep doing it until you can feel the essence of yourself while projecting it into your eyes in the mirror, and be comfortable with what you feel projecting back towards you. It will feel like you are playing energetic-tennis with yourself as the awareness shifts back and forth between your eyes and your eyes in the mirror. At first, your essence will (more than likely) be instantly obliterated when your essence bounces back to you. You will lose focus because of the bounce-back. When this happens, look away and recharge the essence, then do it again. Keep practicing until you can remain focused on who you are and not allow the person in the mirror to make you lose your focus and awareness of who you are. Eventually, you will get the knack of it. You should get to a point where you can remain fixated on your own eyes while continuously projecting your energy and accepting the energy coming back at you. The person in the mirror is doing what you are doing. The person in the mirror is saying “I am.” The ultimate goal is to ACCEPT that the person in the mirror is who that person is while simultaneously letting the person in the mirror know who you are, through your awareness.

It is essential to proceed in this fashion because, in the real world, you will be doing the same thing. You will be accepting the energy of who your co-creators are, all the while letting them know who you are. It's not a power struggle; it's a navigational tool to see who is vibing at your level and who will stick around once you engaged with them in this “test of initiation.” Co-creators will either be drawn to you quicker or repelled quicker. This, in turn, saves you both a lot of time and energy, making it a win-win situation. Getting good at this technique will help you tremendously when interacting in this way with your co-creators.

When you feel comfortable practicing this technique, try switching your awareness. Try focusing on the good aspects of yourself. Focus on the elements of your role you want to share in your new experiences, then simply do the same when you see others. When out and about, you can project the essence of your presence, or you can replace your name after “I am” with a quality you wish others to see in you. You can also “claim” a role you would like to have in the lives of others.

Notice I said “claim” not ”will.” In other words, if you are doing this to gain power over others, you will get burnt! You will antagonize others and pay the consequences because the ego is a very negative force to project onto others. Projecting your ego will make other’s ego go into a defense mode and earn you more enemies than you can handle. Also, if you choose to project your will onto others for power, then you are an insecure person who need not apply this technique. The worst-case scenario is you will attract like-minded insecure people into your life and end up in a bad place. In other words, if you abuse this technique, you will have hell to pay.

This exercise works best if you have genuine, high self-esteem. Therefore, it may take some time before you can benefit from this exercise if you are behind in the area of appreciating yourself. Another thing that makes this practice valuable is, if you try it now, you will know very quickly where you stand in the spectrum of self-esteem. In other words, it’s a great calibration exercise.

If you are fascinated with this technique and want to learn it in its entirety, you can find it by searching “The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism by Theron Q Dumont”. This information was inspired by the original copy published in 1913 but has been rewritten in paperback form. I have referenced Theron Q Dumont’s work in my book due to his strong influence in the area of binding with co-creators when in the beginning attraction-stage of a successful manifestation.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~