A simple guide on how a normal person can approach a spiritual life


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Apr 5, 2017
There are many different kinds of people living in this planet. Some of them are not spiritual, they just want to live their lives and do what ever they like. But I’m not saying this is wrong, it's completely normal just as I said in my previous article . We perceive things differently from what other people see. So a lot of times we separate things from each other, we create a division in our mind.

But having a different perception is normal, it’s natural because we are human beings and as we grow up our perceptions about life change. We learn many things that lead us to a deeper understanding of our lives. It leads to change of perception like change of belief, change of favorite foods, and etc.

Your culture and values have a major effect on your personality, these are the things that have been molding your personality since you were a kid. Your beliefs, actions, and how you make decisions are also affected by your values and culture. It's like your standards on how to live as a human.

Even your environment can affect your personality, because you can experience a lot of things in your environment. Like traumatic experience, criticism, and other negative things. These kinds of things can change your personality that can lead you to good or bad realization about what life really is.

Your perception creates a lot of divisions in your mind. Like, a pretty girl should look this way, you have a standard of what is a good decision and what is a bad decision. It creates divisions on every aspect of your life, even on how you see your life if it's normal or spiritual one.

Your mind has a standard when to tell if you have a spiritual life or a normal life. It makes you think that spiritual life and normal life are different from each other. The truth is, they are the same. The reason why you think they are different because of your perception. The physical world is actually connected to spiritual world so all physical things you see here have spiritual counterparts. I'm not saying your perception of your life is wrong, or you need to change your perception from normal to spiritual perception.

I'm just saying here is to remove the gap in your mind between normal and spiritual life. Don't separate it because they are connected and we are in the process of learning. For example, you think the way how science explains everything is different from how the religion explains it. The Truth is that they may explain it in different ways but they are just talking about the same thing. Different method, same context. We just need to fill the gap between the normal and spiritual life .

Life has multiple levels and you will start at the level where you have limited beliefs and all you care about is yourself as you grow up and pass a lot of levels in your life. Your awareness will start to expand and you will start to understand a lot of things.