A Season of Reflection

Kevin Mahoney

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Feb 24, 2017
“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”

Winston Churchill

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

Margaret J. Wheatley

A week from today is Christmas. Accordingly, I finished up my final holiday gift purchases this morning. It feels like just last week I was helping my children with their back to school preparations. One of the reasons that the fall is my favorite season is because of the radical changes that happen between the end of summer and the start of winter. Every week seems to bring a new change in the weather and a new holiday to celebrate. With so many enjoyable things happening, it can be easy to drift away from the practice of reflection and just be focused on all the doing that is required at this time of year.

With the New Year just two weeks away, I have decided to start my year end focus early. Such reflection is required if I am going to create worthwhile goals for 2018. My first step is to slow down my mind by getting out of the task completion mindset and focusing on a being mindset. This will help me enjoy the special moments with family and friends. It will also put me in a good space to think about desired growth areas over the next year.

What do you do to create a reflective mind set during the holiday season?
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Sarah Carlson

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Feb 11, 2018
For me, Christmas is a time of celebration and relaxation. I lived away from family for years so I could only visit every couple of months, so when I came for Christmas it was always an exciting time.
I use this time to rejuvenate my energy rather then set new goals. I give myself time to refresh and wait till about February before choosing new goals.

To create a reflective mindset I often meditate, particularly early morning or late night when my creativity is often at its highest. I've had a lot of my best ideas come to me just as I was falling asleep.
I get a piece of paper and scribble everything that crosses my mind after meditation, then fall straight back to sleep.
In the morning I get the job of figuring out my thoughts and my new things I want to accomplish. I've found this is a great way to channel my deeper desires rather then simply my conscious ones.

Sitting outside at night with the fresh air and stars above always makes me feel contemplative. I can sit there and find my peace, I look at all I've done, all I want to do and decide where I want to go next.

That's my way of creating a reflective mindset ^-^