89% of Job loss due to attitude!!!! (Unique Way To Improve Attitude)

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Check out these stats from a 2017 business.com article (link at bottom).
46 percent of new hires will fail within 18 months.
Only 19 percent of new hires will succeed over the long term.
Of those that don’t last, a full 89 percent lose their jobs due to something involving their attitude or personality (lack of coachability, poor emotional intelligence, poor motivation, or a bad temperament.)
Only 11 percent of new hire failures lose their jobs due to technical incompetence.
Clearly, attitude is a real difference maker, not only in getting employed but keeping a job. 89% of job loss is attitude related! Attitude can make all the difference. So what stops us from staying positive? The simple answer is disappointment. We are positive, something happens we didn’t desire and boom not so positive. The rub is our attitudes can be an invisible part of ourselves so we may not even know we have a bad attitude while others clearly see we can’t handle disappointment or hurdles or job task. Here is one tip to help you view your own attitude and increase your positive demeanor.
Attitude and love.
The truth is almost everything we do is to receive some form of loving attention. The issue though, is not trying to receive love but how we react when we don’t receive the love we sought. I’ll go on record saying conditional love may be our biggest personal challenge as humans. Conditional love means only giving under specific circumstances or conditions or giving until. The “until” hits and we go from great attitude and helpful to tyrant. Here are some personal examples.
Every held the office door for someone, and they just walked through without eye contact or any words? How did you feel? I bet like me, you expected a thank you? That’s an action taken to receive love! Ever let someone in, in traffic and got upset when they didn’t wave back to you? These are examples of us taking on action with the expectation of receiving something. I would get upset as these expectations force our attitude to roller coaster based on our love needs and expectations not being met. If you look during the day a lot of things we do are seemingly nice or helpful but truly only to receive something. When that doesn’t happen we quickly lose our joy. You can see the real truth of a person when they don’t get their way and you can feel the power in a person willing to stay firm in being them no matter what others do or say.
The liberating solution path to a better attitude and being more employable starts with only/mostly doing things you want to do without expectation. Don’t hold the door for a thank you, hold the door because it does something for you or don’t hold it. When you can give only what you want and then detach from the expectations of your giving you can hold a positive space longer unchallenged.
Let’s sum it up. You can hold a better attitude longer when you aren’t hit with frequent disappointment. You can experience less disappointment when you don’t expect non-agreed upon things from others. Give freely on your terms in the form of attention, energy and time and not expecting something in return. AGAIN ON YOUR TERMS. When you have lowered your expectations of others you can give the positive energy away abundantly without fear of hurt, rejection or un-appreciation. Remember a great attitude and nice aren’t directly synonymous. Those who have the best attitudes give positive energy without fear.
When you are strong in your ability to give positive energy to the world no matter the circumstances or conditions, you will be viewed as a rock, strong in the currents of the world and the holder of the elusive quality of positivity.
Work on your positive attitude muscle by deciding what you honestly want to give and can give to the world without expecting something from others. Once you have made that contract with yourself live on your terms and watch how differently others will receive you.
Kind regards,