7 Virtues for Success and Happiness - Humanity

James Spears

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Oct 9, 2018
There are seven virtues that are essential for achieving success and happiness in life. These virtues are vital for our personal development, relationships, careers and business. The seven virtues are: courage, temperance, justice, humanity, wisdom, transcendence, and diligence. When we cultivate these virtues into all aspects of our lives, we can start to see results and rewards for our efforts. Here is a little snippet about the virtue of humanity.

The virtue of humanity is the poetry of the heart that is connected to others through kindness, friendship, empathy, love and compassion. It is the tender virtue that is the warmth and flame of being in positive relations with people. Humanity is companionship, care, concern, being sensitive to the needs of others, and serving people with warm emotional regard. Humanity is the virtue that most deeply connects us to our fellow human beings, and it is the virtue that creates the most cherished social bonds we share. Humanity is the heart of all the virtues.

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James Spears
Author of 7 Virtues for Success and Happiness