7 reasons why having a Life Purpose clearly defined is AWESOME


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Sep 23, 2015
1. Motivation

When you have a clear life purpose defined already for yourself, motivation is no longer an issue. Simply all you need to do is imagine your end-goal as already achieved and if you do it right, use the right visualization techniques etc., you’ll get an instant motivation boost. Tip: imagine yourself being at your very best you can ever be, then compare that to your current (or past) situation. After that, ask yourself: is that final goal worth the trouble? If the answer isn’t a clear “OH YEAH BABY”, you may need to reconsider your life-long goal.

2. Happiness

An exact life purpose that is personal and means a lot to you will be the source of everlasting happiness. It isn’t the actual goal (achieved) that will make you happy, it’s the journey itself. Because after every obstacle that you overcome, a huge dose of happiness, joy and motivation is awaiting you – but it doesn’t come before you actually get through that obstacle, whatever it may be. This is the very reason why you may never give up during personal development – if you don’t feel truly happy or joyful, it means you are not beyond the obstacle yet, but as soon as you do overcome it, big things happen in you.

3. You don’t feel lost

It gives you a sense of belonging somewhere, having a home, a sanctuary. It’s like when you were a little kid lying in your bed and you covered yourself with blankets – do you remember how comfortable and safe you felt? That’s exactly the feeling you should have when thinking about your life purpose, your biggest passion. It’s like, “hey, no matter what, I’ll always have/be able to do ____” – fill in your purpose.

4. Decision making is easy

At least compared to when you have no idea who you want to become or what you want to do – ergo, not having a life purpose. When you just know (or decide) what it is, the easiest thing is to decide – no matter what, you will always know which decision is the right one. How? Simply, by looking at all of the decisions and asking yourself: “Which one will bring me closer to my goal?” The hard part then is to actually follow that decision, as hard as it may be and trust me when I say, it IS hard. You may have to go against your friends, family, lovers, even against your own deceiving mind. Don’t be afraid of that, after all, the biggest enemy you have to face in life is yourself.

5. You don’t miss anything

Because, in a sense, you already have everything you need. People tend to miss a lot of things: fun, sleep, company of another person, money, health, physical things that were taken away from them, anything. When this feeling of missing something (“I wish I would have that” or “I wish he/she was there” or “I wish I was somewhere else” or “I wish my body was different” etc.) comes up, everything else fades away in the greatness of your lifelong passion, your life purpose.. All of it seems like soft, slow rain compared to your passion – which would be a huge sea-storm with hurricanes, whirlwinds, tornados & maelstroms. Suddenly you don’t care about anything else, you just want to get the work done.

6. No depression

You can’t be sad if you’ve got a good sense of life. Sure, some temporary depression, anger, sadness or any other negative feelings will always show up, but they will come and go. Your overall positivity will stay untouched and even if some days might be really hard for you, either physically or mentally, when the day is over you won’t feel exhausted or tired. In fact, you will feel much stronger and instead of negative thoughts, the ones similar to “I actually got through and it wasn’t even that bad” will pop up.

And anytime you start to feel sad or perhaps even lonely, if you don’t give in to that (meaning if you don’t empower the feeling like the teenagers do nowadays: they feel sad but instead of trying to bring up positivity, they listen to sad music and get even more depressed) the rule is that a minute later, you will realize all that truly matters to you is your life purpose, your passion, not some stupid short-term depression.

7. No more money-issues

First of all, having a clear purpose or a goal means you won’t ever waste your money on stupid s**t anymore. By that I mean useless things you will use once then put away, expensive clothes or just generally things that make you happy for an hour or a day. This means you will have more than enough money to invest in yourself and your passion. Also, if there is something you simply cannot afford right now – similarly as in point 6, you won’t really care. It will not matter to you as you will understand that you will have it all eventually, and even if you don’t, it’s not nearly as important as your actual goal. So what if that rich guy from across the street has got a new shiny Mustang on his 21st birthday while you drive an old used Cadillac? That guy will die miserable, never really achieving anything in life (assuming he will be handed everything, instead of having to work for it) while you, assuming you’ll never give up and fulfill your purpose, will die happy, with no regrets – and who knows, you might as well live forever (although not literally ;) ).


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May 8, 2015
Agree and thank you, Erik.

Having life purpose is essential for one's fulfilling life, I think. I say it from my own experience. Until I found what I would like to dedicate my life to, I felt often confused, with no energy... Sometimes I have such strange days without energy, but when I realize the rare conditions I have in life and that I do not want to waste this opportunity, the mood changes...

Unfortunately, not everybody has such idea about his life purpose. Not everybody thinks about it...

Here I would like to mention one interesting article:

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Yout Life Purpose

I have fund it very useful for me...


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Aug 25, 2015
7 Excellent reasons why having a life purpose or a goal is vital for directing us with focus and enthusiasm towards having a meaningful life!

Developing a life purpose comes about from thought! When we assess the situation we are living in and the means we have to live with and decide that we are worth more or have more potential that requires fulfillment we then are able to live life according to the reasons mentioned and don't just exist!

However this all requires us to think! Not just accept the negative emotions that consume us but really analyze how we can obtain happiness, peace, success and abundance!