6 Warning signs of Low Self-Confidence ( And How To Fix It )

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Sep 19, 2016
Confidence is key, we all know it, and have heard it before. The thing is, a lot of us don’t know where exactly do we stand concerning our confidence level. A lot of people have low self-confidence but aren’t aware enough to
realize it. Low self-confidence manifests in a constant feeling of inferiority and helplessness that will stop you from moving forward and accomplishing anything in life., and as opposed to what you may be thinking, it’s a pretty common issue.

The following signs will help you determine if you have low self-confidence

6. You try to change yourself to please others
There are a lot of things that will challenge your mental strength everyday, so you have to be grounded in something so you’re not the victim of life. Studies have shown that the majority of people are afraid of speaking in public. Why do you think is that? Because they are afraid of being judged by others. When you’re unconfident, you put other’s opinions before your own, so you find yourself living your life in a way you don’t like, to please people you don’t like. When you look at it this way, it’s seems absurd, but that’s the truth, because you constantly feel bad about yourself, and because you’re not self-sufficient, you always look for approval from others to prove to yourself that you’re doing the right thing.
Deep down you feel like you shouldn’t do this, but you lack the courage to act on it and be yourself, because you’re afraid that if you are yourself then no one will like you.

5. You always doubt your judgement
If you’re overly indecisive, and you notice that you’re always wondering what to do, you find yourself turning to others to look for the answer instead of taking your own decisions by yourself, then chances are you’re lacking confidence.. When you’re always relying on other people to make your decisions for you, you’re basically giving up the control over your own life to someone else, just because you think you’re not capable of taking your own decisions the right way.

4. You allow others to put you down
If you notice that people always criticize you, put you down, and mistreat you but you never stand up for yourself, then you certainly have low confidence. That’s a big red flag. When you’re not confident, it shows, and some people will take advantage of it. When you’re not confident, you tend to allow others to bully you while you just put up with it. When someone says something bad about you, or offends you, the reason why you’re not standing up for yourself because you feel like you kind of deserve it, like it’s somehow your fault, also deep down you secretly agree with them in a way.. You can’t stand up for yourself when you don’t even believe that you are worthy of good treatment and equal respect with others.

3. You have self-limiting beliefs
We talked about how you let people put you down, but that’s because you have an internal problem within you, which is that you can’t actually believe you can or are worthy of success, happiness, and peace of mind. You always think you can’t do something, that you lack the ability, but that’s all in your head,

Self-limiting beliefs mean will always keep you in your corner, blocking you from accomplishing what you want. If you’re the type of person who’s always looking for excuses rather than reasons to take action, and always thinking that you can’t achieve what you want, then you fit into this category.

The truth is,, and even if it’s hard to believe, that you, like everyone else have a large potential that is not used. You may be asking, if everyone has that much potential then how come so many people are just average? That’s because of their own beliefs about themselves, because everyone thinks that it’s impossible to accomplish anything of great value, most people never try. I mean, why try when you think it’s not even possible right?

2. You always feel inferior to other people
Do you always fee like everyone is somehow better than you? It’s like everything is great for everyone else except you, right? If you find yourself constantly feeling like everyone is better than you, like you’re always inferior, you have low self- confidence. This is just a matter of bad perspective, because when you’re not confident, everyone seems to have it, but the truth is it’s just seems that way because you’re so unconfident. When you think everyone is better than you, it’s just your feelings that are blinding you from the truth. I mean think about it, if people were that great, how come the vast majority of them ends up being ‘normal’? What’s so great about it?

1. You over-analyse what people say to you

This is a very common behavior of someone who lacks assurance. When you’re repeatedly replaying what someone said to you, or a bad comment someone has made on something you did, or your personality, and you’re worrying that they might be right, this is the biggest signs that shows absence of self-assurance.

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Originally published at The Intellect