5 Success Increasing Tips, From A Tom Cruise Movie.

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
I want to share a random insight I acquired the other day! It was powerful and worthy of giving attention to. In this blog I will share a 5-part strategy for increasing success. Along with Major-William Cage, Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Edge of Tomorrow laying out this strategy, I also unknowingly implemented it into my life with great results.

How did I discover this movie to life strategy similarities? Incredibly. It came only after the fact of living it.

So last week I was reflecting on my progress in preparation for a new service release, I sat in gratitude, saying to myself “wow this is going well.” As I enjoyed a little hindsight 20/20, in that moment a single mental picture downloaded into my mind. This mental picture of Maj Cage on the beach, which I tried to find for the blog picture. the picture popped into my mind and gave me clarity as a metaphorical representation to my recent venture.

At that moment I was struck with the insight that I had followed Maj William Cage/Tom Cruise’s game plan.

“That’s a silly idea,” I laughed to myself. But the more I sat with it, the more I thought this is actually kind of amazing.

Have you watched the 2014 Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt action/Sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow? For the purpose of this article I will assume you have. If you haven’t seen the movie this information will still be applicable if you have the goal of increasing your success. I thought it was a great movie, but I must say I love most Science Fiction movies. This story was entertaining and just like I did after seeing Ground Hog Day, I explored the possibility of a repeat day. That was the summer of 2015. I didn’t give it much thought until the other day. Here are the 5 tips

  1. Increase Awareness of your Journey
Things began to change for Maj Cage once he became aware of a pattern in his life. Just like most of us who stumble across this life altering insight of increased awareness, his first impulse was to help those around him. This only slowed him down and he ended up getting no further while being rejected by his peers. Does that sound like your first business idea or venture, fast to nowhere with the wrong people?

  1. Find like minded people
After realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere helping his comrades on the beach especially the guy with the underwear-only fighting style, he came across a women who understood his life and his perspective. They met by accident (or was it), either way you can be proactive in seeking out a community of like-minded people to mastermind with.

  1. Game Plan and work Hard
Maj Cage spent a lot of days honing his craft and game planning on how to win the alien war with Rita, Emily Blunts character. It is important you have cultivated the skills that will be called upon when it is your time to shine. You can’t master everything on the planet so know your sweet spot of success. Your sweet spot is the one thing you do exceptionally well and enjoy. Although you may have to stretch in task and abilities to reach your goal, focus on a primary skill. Before the war Maj Cage was behind a desk and hadn’t seen any combat. After training with the best he excelled in his fighting talent. Just like Cage the talent you have may have to change to realize your goal.

  1. Visualize
Although ever part of the process is crucial there was no way for Maj Cage to set his sights on a clear goal until he was clear in his mind on the destination. This was where the mother alien resided. He had a general goal, win the alien war, but through his efforts and over time he was able to access increasing clarity on the right direction to move in.

The importance of visualization can’t be underestimated. Those who refuse to take the mental path prior to action are faced with action steps that are more difficult than necessary. The key to visualization is seeing the end result. Just like Maj Cage your sights set on the final destination adds two powerful enhancements to your journey.

One, you to wake up with purpose and will steadily increase in confidence as you move closer to desired results.

Two it allows you to go back to step one when you wanted to help others and recruit effectively and grow your team of motivated and goal orientated people.

  1. Recruit
Now that you have a clear purpose and direction you can help others with the similar goal get to that destination. These people become your customers, clients, employees and business partners. Excluding the sleeping rock people you don’t want to work with anyway, Great leaders know people don’t follow people they follow where people are going. Your clear picture of the destination allows others to see the plan clearer and increases your ability to positively influence others to reach a mutual goal.

At the end Major William Cage saved the world! I am further in my career and receiving more results then ever before and you, you now have the game plan to implement.

I encourage you to see if your business or job is missing any of the mentioned tips and implement that missing piece immediately.

I’d love to hear back on your results and welcome any questions or comments. Thank you for your time, go slay some aliens :)

Jason E


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Oct 28, 2015
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