4 Tips to Getting A Great Day's Start

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Its Monday and before you can even get into the car, the S&#t has hit the fan! Spills, screams, problems to solve and no time to get your head on straight before you sit in traffic and show up late to work. It doesn’t have to be Monday, for most of us this routine is a Monday through Friday ordeal with two days to rest and start the cycle again. For those of you who experience start of the day ruts this article will surely help.

With these tips you can cure your case of the Mondays. Lose your fear of Tuesdays. Get the camel off your back on hump day and glide through Thursday and Friday. So good morning sunshine here are the tips to successfully start the day with increased peace and well being in the Ante meridiem, that’s A.M.

Get up earlier and create the environment.
Ever woke up and had to jump right into a house that’s figuratively on fire? It sucks! If you don't have kids or just don't know what I mean its like this…. Imagine you are having a nice Pho and crab cheese wonton dinner and out of no where a Ninja star knocks your Pho right off the table. To what is more than a surprise 5 ninjas fly through the windows, glass everywhere. Then 5 more ninjas drop from ropes from the circling (which is really weird because your ceilings aren’t vaulted) and began to start karate kicking some major butt. All you can say in fear for you life is, what the bleep is going on?! Well this is what its like to wake up to a house already in melee.

If you are like me and have young children you know the mornings can be about taking care of their needs in order to buy time to get your other leg in your pants. When you wake up after the family is already going its like jumping into a race that started before you got your shoes on, the momentum is going to be too much to handle and get on top of. To get ahead of the game you have to get up early and set the environmental feel.

Get up before the house does, start the oil diffuser, turn on some great morning music. Brew the coffee and let everyone else wake to up the peaceful energy you have created. Be proactive and make everyone else wake up into a good feeling space.

Seek the gap.
Even though most haven’t experienced it in a long time if ever, there is a morning gap that you can rest in before the day gets going. This is a gap of being. Sitting in this space will allow you to grasp mindfulness and increase the positive energy you embody. Doing this can be life altering. The opportunity to get here is small and elusive however it can be cultivated daily with consistency. This is the gap of nothingness that comes after you awake and before the thoughts of the day avalanche in. When you wake up its easy to start creating agendas, telling your self what day it is and what needs to be accomplished. Instead of jumping into the mind's need to tend to the future, try to start with simple breathing just a few minutes of breathing allows you to ease into the transition from the sleeping world into the waking state with less trauma to your human avatar. So before your head rises from the pillow and thoughts come a knocking, sit and breath a bit!

Protect the first 20 minutes
Many books talk about the first half hour window of the day and more importantly life proves the first 20 minutes of the day set the momentum for the entire day. It is very difficult for any human to pivot from a negative start. I suggest taking this wisdom to heart and eliminating negative, stressful and any other low energy from the first 20 minutes of the day. If needed lock yourself away for this time to ensure when you do have to give to others you are giving from a full vessel. Replace negative things with more joyous activities like gratitude. Gratitude for another crack at life and the blessing of waking up is a great action to take.

Stay away from negative outlets
It’s easy to roll over and hop on the phone to check Facebook, or turn on the news. If you want to have increasingly successful and positive days the curiosity of what your circle is doing or what is happening all over the word can wait. Thinking some of your Facebook friends won’t already be complaining is like rolling Vegas dice. You have a great chance of crapping out.

Remember my friends, you and your personal well being is important and its your responsibility. Cut out the sissy blame game and take your morning peace back!!! Nothing you do for others will be great if you feel low on energy. Bring the best you into the game! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you appreciate the tips and perspective please give me a like and check out other Pulse articles on my profile.

-To being the hero of your story!


Oct 5, 2015
I don't have children so not experienced the chaos! However I do find that a short 10 minute meditation before you start work can help you stay calm and focused.


Coaching Member
Aug 25, 2015
A morning routine is a vital facet of our ongoing and continuous progression towards success, as it is through persistent application of positive habits we create a momentum in the direction of our goals which accelerate the time taken for these goals to manifest in our lives.

A positive morning routine is essential in ensuring that we are starting each and everyday on the "right foot" mentally as this is the determining factor in how we approach each task or objective and how we attain small successes!