3 Tips For Increasing Your Confidence


Coaching Member
Jun 8, 2018
We all would like to have more confidence in our lives.
Here are 3 tips for boost your self-confidence:

1. Effective goal settings
  • Goal settings mastery is fundamental for increasing your confidence. Every goal should be SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound). And once you reach some goal (whether it´s huge, or small, you´ll immediately feel more confident, If it´s just something like get up 1 hour earlier).
  • Start with smaller goals, and your confidence will be increasing every single day.
2. Positive self-talk
  • Negative self-talk lower your confidence. Imagine this, you have some presentation, or you have competition, and you are talking to yourself ,,I don´t know what to do, I am not good enough". What do you think it´s happening with your confidence? It´s decreases.
  • Use positive self- talk, even when something doesn´t go well. If you can mention all your successes, accomplishments (works greatly, when you write it on a paper, and read your statement, when you feel bad), you´ll understand, that some failure, isn´t reason for not being confident about yourself.

3. Do something different