3 Steps to Achieve Inner Peace


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Apr 28, 2017
I have experienced it and feels blissful. If you can connect with inner soul or being for some time, it will feel so much peace and happiness that every other pleasure sub-class. Steps which I have experimented on myself.

Every human being on earth is working to achieve the inner peace of mind. A constant conflict in the mind between various thoughts causes lack of content and positivism. There are constant fear and frustration inside. Everyone wants to stop them but cannot. Most people assume that they will achieve the inner peace of mind by reaching a materialistic goal that they have set such as getting a car, home. If changes are not inculcated, it is not possible to achieve an inner peace of mind. Humans always live in future or past and never in the present. Connecting with the soul will give long-lasting peace and happiness. So, here are three ways to achieve inner peace.
1. Living in the present moment
To understand how it feels while achieving the inner peace follow a step, and wherever you right now feel the present moment, feel the breathing and surrounding. Let the thoughts in the mind flow do not resist, obstruct, or judge them. Watch them as a third person, and this creates a short memory gap i.e. no thoughts in mind. Close the eyes and ask, "what concern will come to my psyche right now?". It will come after a long time. It feels peace by doing this.

2. Giving time to yourself
How many times in a day do you spend time alone? Spend at least 15 minutes alone. Successful people spends lots of time alone. It helps in coming closer to the soul if time is spent alone and feels peaceful. Spending time alone in nature's vicinity will make it better. Go away from the noise of the city. Follow the steps during this period to give a soothing effect to the mind.

  • Sit in Lotus position (padmasana) and keep the back straight. Close eyes and take three deep breaths. By doing this, it helps in reducing a lot of stress has been taken away from the head.
  • After following the first step, the mind will be blank and then hear the beautiful sound of birds around. Feel the fresh air. Hear and feel everything around. It will help in achieving inner peace.
  • It is better if it is done early in the morning since at that time oxygen content is high in the air.
3. Positive Mindset
Let me tell an interesting fact:

When a person teases someone, it’s not their words that hurt's. It's doubt in the mind that hurts and makes someone feel sad or angry. Let’s explain this by example: Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India. He is a billionaire. If a person goes in front of him then in a derogatory manner tells him that he is a destitute and bankrupt. What one will think that Mukesh Ambani would do? The answer is simple. He will laugh at that person because Mukesh Ambani has no doubt about his financial status inside his mind When we smile on our thoughts and mind, we will meet real inner peace.

As you can see, the greatest source of peace is inside us. We have to have to connect with it. It takes time also practice to do it. But once, connection with the soul happens, it feels that every materialistic goal is sub-class. I am not saying that we should not work to achieve life goals. But once, full connection with the soul is made, one can overcome the fear of failure. One can enjoy the present and life in a better way.