3 Simple Ideas You MUST Understand To Attract Money

Lukasz Lokiec

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Feb 4, 2014
So you want to know how to attract money into your life, don’t you?

Before you can do that, you’ll need to understand a few simple ideas that govern the whole process of attracting money, which I’ll explain to you in this short article…

1. What are you tuned into?

When you’re listening to a radio, you can only hear what’s on the frequency your device is tuned into, and nothing else, right?

Well, your mind is like a radio – it will attract to you only the thoughts, ideas and people that harmonize with what’s already going on in your head.

When you think about everything that’s wrong in your life, how you can’t buy what you want, how you have to look at the damn price tag every time you buy something, that’s what your mind will keep bringing to your attention, while deleting everything else – even million-dollar ideas!

(Now, sometimes it can be useful to give yourself a slap in the face, but you can’t stay there forever mentally, or you’ll stay there forever physically as well.)

So bottom line is this – you’ve got to cut out all the negative bullshit out of your life that may be keeping you stuck – the news, the trashy TV shows, the gossip magazines, all your complaining, blaming and justifying why you can’t have what you want. STOP IT! Right now!

Next, start putting new stuff into your mind. Start reading success books, listening to audios, start looking around the net and picking your dream car, your dream house, your dream vacations, all the things you want to have in your life.

Now, this is important – pick the things you really want, not what you can afford now. Don’t shrink your dreams to match your bank account. Match your bank account to your giant dreams!

2. How do you make money?

Everything is energy. Money is energy also. So if you want to have more money, you’ve got to speed up and gather a lot of energy, right?

You do that by selling a lot of your time, or a lot of products.

(Obviously selling your time sucks because then you don’t have the time to do the things you wanted to do in the first place.)

So the real question is, how do you make money outside of your time limits?

Answer: leverage and systems. Like blogging, for example. You write a post once and it just stays there forever.

Next, all the money you make will always come from people… (even the $10 you found yesterday was there because somebody left it there first – aka lost it)

So what you need to do is to offer a financial transaction that makes sense to both you and them.

And you do that by understanding the final idea, which is…

3. What makes people give you their money WILLINGLY?

Let’s run a little experiment so you can see for yourself that this principle is true, shall we?

Think about the last thing you bought…

Why did you buy it…? Maybe you were hungry, maybe you wanted to learn something, maybe you were bored…?

So couldn’t we agree that you had a problem you wanted to solve…?

And didn’t you in fact believe, that by buying that item you would solve your problem….?

So, here are the KEYS:

1. You make money by solving people’s problems.

2. People will give you their money willingly in exchange for something they BELIEVE can help them.

In simple terms it looks kinda like: Solve More Problems = Make More Money

Let’s say somebody wants to make a hole in the wall and you’ve got a drill. How much selling & convincing will you have to make? – NOT MUCH ;-)

But remember one thing – you don’t sell the drill, how good it looks or how fast it works. You sell the hole. You sell the solution.

- Łukasz Łokieć
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