3 effective psychological tricks that will instantly lift your mood


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Sep 23, 2015
1. The Time trick
Let’s say a person offends you, makes you angry, disappoints you, your boss yells at you, you embarrass yourself in front of somebody or something similar. Ask yourself: How will this event matter in 2 weeks? Imagine fast-forwarding 2 weeks then looking back. Didn’t help? Do the very same thing with 2 months. You know very well the time will pass, and no matter how you look at it, 2 months is always 2 months whether you’re angry or happy. This should make you instantly feel better, or at least you won’t even care. If it doesn’t work, simply repeat with more time: 6 months, then jump to years, etc.

2. The Cosmic Scale trick

I love this one. It’s a bit longer but keep reading, it’s worth it. It is best suited for the situations when you feel really hopeless, especially if you’re afraid of failure, afraid that something bad will happen to you, concerned about really anything at all in your life. Simply:

1.) realize how big the planet is. Got it? Okay, that’s the easy part. Now,
2.) imagine the solar system. Got it? Are you sure you know how big our solar system is? The light, which travels at 300 000 m/s takes a good 8 minutes to reach our planet from the sun. Okay, now,
3.) procceed imagining the Milky Way. Do you even know how big our solar system is, compared to that? (Google it. Seriously.) Okay, if you’ve got that imagined, now
4.) understand that there are 100 billion stars (at least as big as our sun) only in our galaxy. Now
5.) consider that in our Local Group of galaxies, there is about 30 galaxies, which would be about 3,000 billion stars in total (is that even a real number?), just in our local group. I am not going to go on, but I could – this is only a dot compared to the observable Universe. Have you got all of that proccessed, imagined? (I strongly suggest actually googling up some videos or images of how enormously big this really is, just so you can imagine it.)

6.) imagine the whole thing backwards, go all the way back to Earth, then to you and your own little life. Do you still think that any of your tiny failures, concerns and fears matter at all? Do you now understand how totally unimportant, almost non-existent you are, compared to the grand scale of the Universe?

Are you still afraid of failure, while every second there’s a million planets exploding or being hit by asteroids? Still afraid, while there could be billions of other life forms, struggling for their very survival (you don’t even have to go outside of your country to find them) while the worst thing that can realistically happen to you is that you won’t get that job, or that car, or that you will fail in whatever it is you want to do?

Only the simple fact that you can read and understand these lines means you are one of the most intelligent, richest and happiest beingts in this galaxy. Remember that the next time you feel bad.

3. The „I’m lucky“ trick

This is no trick, actually, because in fact, you are lucky. Okay now, we could debate about the definitions of luck and coincidence, but you being alive now already means you’re infinitely lucky.

The odds of your dad’s sperm meeting your mother’s egg and making you (and not your potential brother or sister) are about 1 in 400 Quadrillion.

Simply take a look at the next picture and next time you feel anyhow negative, just remember that the odds of you (specifically, you) being alive are basically zero.