3 Common Reasons You Can’t See Your Spiritual Path.

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Do you pray and feel like you haven’t seen any altering of your situation? This has caused many seekers to lose hope and even feel like there is no God for them or worst the one God is not the God of them. I hear many talk about different Gods for their situation weather that be their geographical location, race, gender or a host of others reasons that clutter the idea of the one creator and his blessed children. I wrote this to give you hope if you feel discouraged about your life journey and spiritual path.

Why does this matter?
This is an important topic because how we view daily life will add or remove energy from it. How we judge things as we encounter them boost or lowers our personal frequency. When we feel lost, confused, defeated or let down we can often give attention to those things thus unintentionally inviting them to stay longer in our life. When we believe we are on track for our goals and feeling fulfilled on our respective path, we have greater chances of overcoming our personal situations with divine help.

All seekers will find, I’m living proof of this so let’s dive into the reasons you can't perceive your path.

You think the prep work is taking you in the opposite direction.
This is most common so I wanted to address this first. I see this often, with coaching clients and even on social media. I‘ll share a personal example shortly. Often our prayers are answered and we are in a preparation state for our goal. It's key to remember we don’t get the results we pray for, we become the person that has those results. A lot of times we may not be willing to change or we may be so impatient we don’t want to move down the path toward results. When you realize all answered prayers come in the form of human transformations we can see clearly.

In the mid 2000’s I started my entrepreneur path. It was easy to see as I interviewed potential hires and tried to attract the right people into my office that I was a little short on patience. I immediately started to implement prayer and daily affirmations “confirming” my new skill. So what happen next? I went on about a 6-month stretch of interacting with the most dreadful people I have ever encountered. The outcome… I became a person of extreme patience! Through contrast I was sanded down into a polished patience state of mind. This is not what I expected when I yearned for patience to deal with people. At anytime I could have reacted and not accepted my new patience. Don't let the world knock you off your course. Ask yourself, “are my current life contrast helping me yield to a new self in some way”? Would the person you admire be better able to handle what you have going on? If yes, you can recognize you need to grow in this area and it actually may be the right situation for you despite current emotional pain.

You get stuck in the residual manifestation.
When you mindfully self-study you realize manifestation happens almost instantly and for surely within a few minutes. The first sign of a new state of being is the rising of a new internal feeling or emotion. After this instant beginning, it is our human job to hold the new energy until like a magnet it attracts more of the like kind. When we hold this new energy after some time our physical reality starts to mold into the new ideal. However, we can be fooled by what seems to look like it always did. When we wake up the next day, week, or month or however long later and start to complain, doubt or lose focus we release the new energy and we fall back to the old reality. We look around in ignorance and believe the lack we perceive in physical reality trumps the spiritual realm and give in to the old energy. (It doesn't, primary reality is within secondary reality is without.) When we do this we start to reverse the energy. The take away here is you must hold on to your ideal until it forms completely and is in a natural state of our being. The unwanted may be the path actually!

Believing knowledge is the biggest factor.
This is very common today. We can’t find God or ourselves because we buried these things behind loads of information. Knowledge is of great importance however the path to the spiritual realm is beyond the mind. Knowledge in the mind prior to a spiritual awakening can be like adding trees to a forest. This forest is between you and God. You consume more and more knowledge making the forest more and more dense and thus blocking the “experience” of spirituality and replacing it with massive knowledge of spirituality. The path is within not without. If you seek information it should lead you back within yourself with greater tools, anything else is just worldly information and opposite of what direction the experience of knowing lies.

You can be, do and have anything when done in that order. Please chime in, Let me know if you have an example of a prayer turning into a gauntlet that helped you obtain a new skill.