10 Unique Date Ideas for Happy Couples! :)

What is your favorite date idea?

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Etheric Archives

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Mar 3, 2016
Cleveland, Ohio
Even if you’ve been in your relationship or marriage (or as I’d like to say creationship) for years, it doesn’t mean things should ever get boring. Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal shows that even after a decade of marriage, couples can still be more in love than ever by implementing engaging activities throughout the course of their relationship. Being comfortable around someone you love doesn’t mean you should also be comfortable with lack of excitement. Comfort and excitement can, believe it or not, coexist… harmoniously! These date ideas have been put to the test by friends, colleagues, and by yours truly–and you don’t even have to be dating for a long time to try these things. Anyway, you’re definitely not going to see “dinner and a movie” on this list. Though movies and food will be mentioned! Here goes…

1. Inner Child Date

You are still a kid. Yes, you! But you’re 32 and a half (a responsible adult), you say? Nonsense! Well, that may be partially true, but you’re still a kid at heart. Now, with an inner child date, sky’s literally the limit. Make a Lego structure with them–perhaps a dream house or something that isn’t exactly anything at all. Buy some coloring books from the dollar store and color together. Watch an animated film like, say Aladdin or The Lion King (definitely one of my personal favorites). Hopscotch, swing… you get the point.

2. Restaurant Hopping

Now, I get we’re not all made of money, but this doesn’t have to happen every day. For appetizers, go to one restaurant. Then for the main course, go to another. And then, dessert at an entirely different place (even if you’re really full… that’s no excuse)! Maybe then you’d like to get a drink at your local winery.

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