10 Sparkly Reasons to Love Our BODY As It Is


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Jul 2, 2018
The changing body of our beloved, our aging friend, our little boy who is becoming a young man: again an opportunity to practice acceptance, tenderness, and love.
Loving our own body is the starting point of having a deeper connection.
It is a daily awareness to be going through the lairs to bring more love to the deep tissue.
Here few reasons for loving our bodies as they are.

1) When we can love our changing body, we can love our partners changing body or even our child’s changing body.
2) When we can love our body unconditionally, we can be a better partner with our own body in times of crisis, illness or accidents.
3) When we love our physical body, we listen better, and when we listen better we get to hear refined messages and can address signals better.
4) When we love their physicality and our own body, we tend to have a general respect for other people bodies, and that is good for healthy relationships.
5) When we can love our body, we can enjoy physical issues like creating form, shape, and color and believe it or not, we appreciate animals and the earth more passionately.
Source: https://happygoddessa.com/10-sparkly-reasons-to-love-our-body-as-it-is/