time management

  1. Q

    The Daily Schedule of Winners!“How to Make An Effective Schedule”

    In this brief life period where everyone is hassling and in dire need of an effective schedule that would help them in managing these precious moments of life. An effective schedule can save you from lots of troubles in life and it can help you in maximum optimization of time. Vision: –...
  2. Imad Guemmah

    4 Killer Strategies for Effective Time Management

    Time management is by far our worst enemy as we seek to get the best out of those precious 24 hours. We, therefore, pay attention to every detail and we want to make sure that every single minute is not spent irresponsibly. Unfortunately, that is nowhere near a possible solution. So here are...
  3. Samuel Rosario

    Don't Be Realistic!

    From far and wide we always hear people saying: " Are you crazy, It can't be done, be realistic'' '' Be rational'', but the thing here is that NEVER in the history of humanity great people have been ''realistic''. Think about Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Marthing Luther King, Albert Einstein...