1. mag_jaya

    Are we our own prisoners?

    Imagine a person in prison. He/she has been imprisoned for life and will wait till death in the prison. What can possibly motivate such a person? What do these people look forward to in their lives? Sometimes, we are also prisoners of our thoughts and our past deeds. We also have nothing...
  2. stvamarina

    How do you set your goals and stick to them?

    Hello. My name is Marina and I am new member of the forum. I am excited to share with you and also learn about your thoughts on goals. I trully believe that having vision for our life is really important. I think it's vital to have clarity on what we want to be, do and have in our lfie and...
  3. Your Career Club

    How To Own Guide To Self-Improvement Journey?

    Self-Improvement means enhancing your own value or worth. Self-Improvement is the process where you learn from the mistake of yours or others and be a better version of yourself. Where to begin is the problem many of us face right now. How and where to begin the improvement journey, what...
  4. Sanaa11

    Want to learn how to manifest the life of your dream?

    This eBook called “The Abundance Mindset” will show you how:
  5. mag_jaya

    Tips to Setting Your Goals

    Hey, Here are some pointers that should be taken into consideration in setting goals and achieving them. Attitude plays a very big role in setting and achieving your goals. You must ask yourself, If any part of you or your mind holding you back towards completing your simplest goals? If...
  6. J

    5 Things WRONG With Our Goals (How To Set Goals & Achieve Them)

    We all know how useful goals can be, so what's another goal-setting tip you'd add to this list? :) Hope it helps!
  7. B

    Motivation to get out of bed

    As I have been talking to people about hitting their goals and their daily routines, I have heard from many people how it is difficult for them to get out of bed right when their first alarm goes off. I have had this problem in the past and it took me a while to actually get a routine down and...
  8. D-Quit

    Failure is not a defeat

    Failure is not Defeat In this short article, I will be writing what failure is all about and how to deal with it. What is Failure? Failure is the lack of achieving an intended purpose or goals which you set for yourself. It is not a dead end when you fail in many areas of life be it...
  9. Dinesh Pandya

    3 Simple Tips To Learn Faster Even You're Dead Slow Learner

    Everyone likes to learn faster, right. One of the ways to be successful person is to build the skills. If you want to build skills, you should know how to learn faster. Even some says learning is a survival tool. Yes, it is. Just Imagine, If you open the book, read the sentences and you can...
  10. YourLifeTools

    What do you think about when you first wake up???

    About 20+ years ago, my uncle at 37 years of age did not show up for work. Four days passed and still no show, so the employer and co-workers sent the police to his house to see what was the matter with my uncle. At the house there was no burglary, no robbery and no signs of foul play. When...
  11. YourLifeTools

    The Best Way To Attain Spirituality & Mindfulness

    I call this the "Law of Life" "I can do whatever I want, as long as I don't harm Anything or Anyone, especially Myself! And whenever I can, I will HELP those in NEED because it is the HUMAN thing to do!" The first part is Total RESPECT for the entire universe! The second part is all about...
  12. YourLifeTools

    The 1st thing parents need to learn...

    When I mentor parents and they ask me how to handle their children, the first thing I ask them to do is look up the meaning of "Parenting". So if you are a parent. Please look up the definition of Parenting. This will be a great start to being and becoming a good parent. It doesn't matter what...
  13. YourLifeTools

    What makes a Relationship successful???

    From my past and current experiences, and from observations of other relationships around me. The biggest factor I think that can make or break a relationship is "RESPECT" for one another. And this applies to any and all kinds of relationships. Whether it be within the family, business...
  14. YourLifeTools

    How To Guarantee Your Next Job Interview!!!

    Probably the most important part of landing a job is the interview. I've heard many say they didn't get the job because they failed the job interview, and/or they didn't hear from the company after the interview process, and maybe days or even a week or more passed before they'd receive a...
  15. YourLifeTools

    What Is Your GREATEST SKILL In Life???

    I've been asking this question since 2010. Usually when I meet someone for the first time, this is what I ask so I can share with them what I feel is their Greatest Skill. Since we are all meeting for the first time, and this is my first post, I would like to ask the same question. What is your...
  16. T

    Finding your purpose. How to.

    A NASA Inspired Technique to Figure Out What to DO with Your Career (&Life) What you see here is a combination of the secrets from that programme plus my experiences gathered after going through 5 years of pain to figure out my life and find my purpose — so that you can find yours! Ready? Step...
  17. Benjamin Bogle

    You Have to Give Up to Achieve More

    How much of your “work” is actually moving you forward? Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash In an age where entrepreneurship and personal development are sexy, the mindset of today’s culture is to add, add, add. More meetings, more emails, more conferences, more projects. More, more, more. When...
  18. L

    Heavily undereducated and doubtful of success.

    I'm going to be turning eighteen in a few days and up to this point, have little to no knowledge of any high school curriculum subjects. I haven't even completed algebra 1, my scientific education is null, I am near-perfectly illiterate in geometry and god knows how many other subjects. I...
  19. Feby Ardiansyah

    What's Your Story?

    “Every person is a book, each year a chapter,” ― Mark Twain And I agree. Every person has their own story. Whether it's a story of struggle, failure, success, or anything that life is throwing at them. And that stories are unique to them. Because there's no one else who share the same pain...
  20. Sukhveer Singh


    Success is a Progressive Realisation of a worthy ideal. The Price You have to pay for your Success and Happiness is " be True To Yourself " .... You can lie to whole world but not yourself. Be True to Yourself , and you will see Great Improvements in every area of your life .