1. Christine from Maple

    Meet Our New Personal Growth Tool: Maple

    Maple is your secret weapon for personal growth. It’s a suite of online tools you can use to identify and internalize your insights. Then organize and curate those A-Ha moments into the inspiration, motivation and self-connection that propels you towards your goals. Maple keeps everything in...
  2. P

    Self Development Information Supported By Scientific Evidence

    Hi, here is a video on dealing with stress, that contains information supported by scientific evidence: All the best to everyone.
  3. rainbowcloud

    The importance of taking breaks...

    When we were younger, our parents would tell us to go play after we finished our homework... As an adult the "homework" never ends... we can always do MORE. There's no one except ourselves to tell us when it's enough. So we have a responsibility for ourselves! I created a little video to...