1. Caleb Larsen

    Saying hello

    Thought I had better properly introduce myself. I joined about 6 months ago but then I didn't do anything when I did. I'm back now and really want to become a contributor to this forum. Hello, My name is Caleb but lots of people know me as "K'lub" or "Gingersquatch." Both really fun...
  2. Scott Haug

    Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

    Our beliefs about what is possible often run our life. But I want to DESTROY those beliefs and change our attitude about the limitless possibilities we all have. Our limiting beliefs are usually thrown into our sub-conscience mind when we are young in the adolescence age. Family, friends, and...
  3. Jordan Booth

    Excuse me, can you help? I want to become more confident at sharing my thoughts & feelings.

    Hello all! I stumbled across this forum while looking for answers... so please excuse me if I have posted incorrectly. My question is this: What can I do to become more confident at sharing my thoughts and feelings? (this problem affects be personally and at work - it is having the biggest...