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    smoking tobacco cigarettes and the like

    smoking tobacco cigarettes and the like I had always wanted to know why people did this the real reason , the spiritual back ground I found out a few years ago when digging in all the hows and whys of energy stealing let me explain what I found out now the spiritual reason for smoking by Louise...
  2. Best_Catcher2016

    Best Way to Stop Smoking

    The people who are most qualified to provide stop smoking help are people who have been through it before. They know the love for cigarettes that you have, and they know how hard it is to live without them. They also know what worked and didn’t work when they were trying to quit. Keep in mind...
  3. N

    addictions and overcoming

    whenever i m tense or stressful..i tend to overcome by playing games or watching tv series or cartoons.. sometimes smoking.. recently i overcome smoking..and stopped it but overcoming game play and watching tvseries is the main problem.. i keep on doing it so much that i am unable to concentrate...