setting goals

  1. D-Quit

    Failure is not a defeat

    Failure is not Defeat In this short article, I will be writing what failure is all about and how to deal with it. What is Failure? Failure is the lack of achieving an intended purpose or goals which you set for yourself. It is not a dead end when you fail in many areas of life be it...
  2. D

    Achieving multiple goals

    Hi, If I have 10-15 goals, both short-term like getting Kettle-bell certification to long-term goals like getting down to 14% body fat, should I try multiple things at once by creating systems or should I focus on one thing at a time? Can anyone achieve multiple goals by working on them...
  3. thestrongprofessional

    S.M.A.R.T Goals - How to set and achieve BIG goals

    Emily works for a non-profit organization in Washington DC. She’s been with the company for 3 years and has started to make some strides in her progress. Since it’s the New Year, Emily wants to set some lofty goals for herself and feels that she can accomplish anything she sets his mind to...
  4. Blake

    Setting Goals

    I'm curious, do you set your goals and create detailed plans to achieve them? If so, do you think it helps? Blake