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  1. Your Career Club

    How To Own Guide To Self-Improvement Journey?

    Self-Improvement means enhancing your own value or worth. Self-Improvement is the process where you learn from the mistake of yours or others and be a better version of yourself. Where to begin is the problem many of us face right now. How and where to begin the improvement journey, what...
  2. M

    "In Silence There Is Strength: Bending Reality Without Making a Single Move"

    This book has helped me more than I expected. Just wanted to share the good news to everyone, it’s free today! Get yours now before the time runs out. The promo is just until the 21st of December. Get it here:
  3. Love Temeca

    No more self sabotage.

    Soooo...I really should say 3 minute video! I'm working on it! :-) I hope this video helps someone. Any suggestions on how to make future videos better? I'd love to get your input and thanks! Be fierce today! Staying positive, >temeca
  4. Etheric Archives

    Hi there! I'm excited to be here. :D

    Hello, My name is Eva and I can't lie... I'm a total personal development "junkie," lol. So much so, that I co-created a self-development website. Anyway, I'm super excited to meet and converse with others who are interested in the exact same thing... self-betterment, but most importantly, the...
  5. Pratima

    Let it go...

    Let go of difficulties from your past, cultural codes, and social beliefs. You are the only one who can create the life you deserve.
  6. Pratima

    What does success mean to you?

    Hey! What do you think, when you will say that you are successful in life?
  7. C

    Personal Development- To be Process Orientated: The Power of Flow?

    This article introduces the idea of being in the moment of a process without having to think about a particular outcome, judgement, assigning values etc. I think that this is personal development because I think that we can take this term across all borders of our life socially, physically and...
  8. Alex LA Smith

    How To Have Unstoppable, Effortless Confidence AT ALL TIMES

    Guys... How often do you hear someone explain something and it goes on and on for chapters at a time. YOU NEVER LEARN. Here's the truth. Simplified. I'll share this with you guys as maybe you're looking for quality content video based on true freedom from the matrix and not just ... words...
  9. Nik

    Why Personal Development?

    Do we have a natural born urge to improve ourself? I like to think so. What do you think? We humans carry around a very powerful computer which is running on software that is called 'Belief System'. I like to call the software 'BS 1.0'. Since we don't like to make mistakes, we constantly thrive...