1. RodaTL

    Becoming a Well-Rounded Individual

    A well-rounded person is the one who has many interests, pursues various types of hobbies, has developed several valuable skill sets, and continues to improve on each of these skills plus makes it imperative to learn even more as they go through life. I guess in the business and employment...
  2. clearnigh2

    [Help] My lack of self-confidence is running my life and killing my business

    Growing up, I must admit I had low self-esteem. Maybe it was my peers who made me feel that I don't belong and I was a loser or something. What I did was just focus on my studies which made me look a loser even more, but I got good grades at least. When I reached high school, I began to...
  3. Best_Catcher2016

    7 Ways To Build Self-Esteem

    7 Ways to Build Self-Esteem Self-Esteem many of us has surfed form low self-esteem at one point in our life we felt low and we felt like no confidence at all. But to know how to counter act this thing we called low self-esteem we need to understand self-esteem. Self-esteem-Confidence in one's...