self esteem

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    Do you use any personal development system?

    Hello there people! I'm new here, trying to make some new friends and share my experiences with you! I would like to know if you use some personal development system/path and how you feel about that! :)
  2. messenger1

    How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

    Hello everybody, what do you think about overcoming the fear of public speaking? Recently I came across this article ( ) and it basically says, that all the "traditional" ways of getting rid of it are not useful at all and you need to go deeper...
  3. The Modern Mans Guide

    Self development guide for men - The Modern Mans Guide

    Hey everyone, I'm Ollie, the author of The Modern Mans Guide Blog. In this blog, I collate the most recent research on self development topics such as dating, social anxiety, fashion and everything in between. I am always taking suggestions of new topics to research and write about and would...