1. Catherine8

    Learn about his secret obsession

    I wished I could just tell her about the secret signal I knew would fix everything for her. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE I wish every human best luck in their relationship read how this powerful online training helped me alot. I'm still gonna be greatful forever.
  2. konradgapinski

    Changing My Self Image

    Hey everyone, I have been noticing an obstacle in my path which some others may be experiencing themselves, so I figured it might be a good idea to create a thread about it. I'm an only child and since I was a kid I mostly spent time alone and in my comfort zone. Because of this, I...
  3. YourLifeTools

    What makes a Relationship successful???

    From my past and current experiences, and from observations of other relationships around me. The biggest factor I think that can make or break a relationship is "RESPECT" for one another. And this applies to any and all kinds of relationships. Whether it be within the family, business...
  4. T

    Kindly ask for advice after break up

    I'm 27 years old ,working as an accountant. I met A. in March 2017 through a mutual friends. We been talking since then and started going out since late April. We been going out for around 9 months now. A. divorced around 2 years ago .A is 37 . He dated his ex wife for 5 years and divorced...
  5. Nambie

    Your definition of a wise person (wisdom)

    Hi! I would like to know how you would describe or imagine a wise person.
  6. Ally Mckean

    Q. Why Doesn't My Hubby Do What I Want Him To?

    A. Because I can't control him! I can only control me. I've been married for coming up to 7 years and I've only recently mastered this major point. I seriously started my personal development journey nearly 1 year ago and I've taken leaps and bounds past some of my major limiting beliefs, and...
  7. Edwin Low

    How do you know if he's the one?

    I don't think the question is 'how do you know if he's the right one'. I think it's really more about, how do you know if you are the right for him/her. Because, you have to figure out your side of the puzzle piece first before you can fit it with his/her puzzle piece - so who are you really...
  8. Jason Mainsons

    Husband And Wife Relationship

    This relationship is sealed with a covenant that warns anyone of coming in between a marriage. However, communication woes still find their way between many couples. That’s why you need to know how best to communicate with your spouse to have a fulfilling marriage. Let us see how you should go...
  9. Jason Mainsons


    We all know communication as the act of transferring information from one person to another. If you think about it; it’s a very simple process right? Well it’s not. When you think of how you are supposed to communicate, this subject becomes more complex. The process of communication requires the...
  10. Etheric Archives

    6 Harsh Love Truths That You Absolutely Need to Hear!

    Here's one of them: 1. The past can’t stay in the past. It just can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t live in the present moment and be fully present with our partners. Peace with our past and theirs is what leads to ultimate acceptance of one another. Some try so hard to forget, that they are...