1. D

    What was your best procrastination day?

    Hey guys just did my affirmations today and they were so rejuvenating, also I'm looking for other like minded people and their opinions on how to get rid of distractions and excuses and be focused. My mate recommended this video, has anyone seen this guy? And let me know how did you manage...
  2. G

    Let's see the Power of Social Support..

    Short version : I have bunch of habits problems like waking up late, Pornography, and overall lack of discipline & self-control It has some serious damage to my Life : my emotional level, my self-confidence // self-worth, feeling my life is a crap s**t, haven't done anything to be proud of...
  3. Mike Kaya

    Hello Fellow Personal Development Forum People

    I am glad and pleased to interact with you all here on the Forum. Here is a little about me: My name is Mikael Kaya.. but my friends called me Mike. I am a 20 year old guy living in NYC. I currently am a student and work on my blog about personal development, It is...
  4. Nas

    7 ways to stop procrastination

  5. Nas


  6. Erik913

    You Wouldn’t Guess Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating

    It’s a beautiful day outside, sun is shining, kids playing and the thought of you getting out of bed or, god forbid, do anything is killing you from the inside. Most of us know the feeling, even those that belong to the active “go-getters” group and It’s simply one of our basic human behavior...