personal power

  1. Nicholas D'Arezzo

    Your First Choice MUST Always Be To Choose Your POWER!

    If you ever find yourself lost in life or confused, and you need to regroup, then remember the three paths and the order in which they should be achieved. The path of power (your purpose), the path of love, and the path of truth. Choosing to pursue the path of love or the path of truth will turn...
  2. M

    "In Silence There Is Strength: Bending Reality Without Making a Single Move"

    This book has helped me more than I expected. Just wanted to share the good news to everyone, it’s free today! Get yours now before the time runs out. The promo is just until the 21st of December. Get it here:
  3. Samuel Rosario

    Why Almost Nobdy Is Successful?

    Studies show that 95% of people end up having a very mediocre, average or below average life, and that only 5% people have a life of abundance, wealth and prosperity. Why is that?.. The problem lies on one specific thing that Earl Nightingale mentions in his book Lead The Field, and that is...