personal growth

  1. mag_jaya

    Are we our own prisoners?

    Imagine a person in prison. He/she has been imprisoned for life and will wait till death in the prison. What can possibly motivate such a person? What do these people look forward to in their lives? Sometimes, we are also prisoners of our thoughts and our past deeds. We also have nothing...
  2. AnnaSokol

    Is it possible to bring the mindfulness into your everyday life?

    The desire to live, interest in life, the taste of life and joy come back thanks to the technique... I always knew that the world I see exists only in my perspective and for successful happy and healthy life you need to learn how to be aware of the illusions of your brain and the true intentions...
  3. krobinson

    Live your dreams , or other people fears?

    Have your ever decided to follow a dream? All of the sudden, family and friends starts to have opinions. They start feeding fear instead of faith. They try to dissuade you with negativity imagery of death and criticism . They tell your dumb ,crazy and stupid for doing what you feel lead to do...
  4. Han

    Hopefully useful for you

    Hello Forum, Personal Growth One Step At A Time is a coaching blue print that I have used with my patients for 34+ years. I have used it for myself and I have used it for my family. Coaching in my Practice has always been very relaxed but to-the-point banter with the occasional metaphor to...
  5. Christopher

    Happy to be joining a community of like-minded individuals

    Hi guys, This is my first time joining a forum and I think it's way over due for me. I recently got into the field of self development since I felt I could be more, achieve more and ultimately contribute more by making a bigger impact in the world. I can't shut up about this subject so...
  6. Kevin Mahoney

    Starting Something New

    I started this year with a few goals in mind. Two of them were somewhat “big”, but one of them was relatively small. This diminutive goal was attending a Boston Celtics game with my children. It has been a desire of mine for the past few years but I simply never got it done. I wanted to go...
  7. Kevin Mahoney


    “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison I had a clarion moment regarding personal growth earlier this week. While taking my daily walk, I reflected on how much I was not “feeling it” on one particular morning. For the...
  8. Habits101

    How to Believe in Yourself (More than Self-Esteem and Confidence)

    Hi, I'm Daniel! Has anyone bought the 67 Steps Program by Tai Lopez? I saw that his course had 187,000 members and I watched a video of him a few months ago where he explained the 67 steps to get anything I want out of life: Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness I always wanted to end my anxiety...
  9. M

    "In Silence There Is Strength: Bending Reality Without Making a Single Move"

    This book has helped me more than I expected. Just wanted to share the good news to everyone, it’s free today! Get yours now before the time runs out. The promo is just until the 21st of December. Get it here:
  10. J

    Doing more than that's expected...

    My name is Julio and this is my 3rd video from my YouTube channel. I am very into personal growth and development which is what my channel and videos focus on. Here's a bit about this one! I've learned and studied the benefits of doing more than what I've been paid for or what's been...
  11. J

    Developing Your Self-Confidence!

    When we're born, we have all the self confidence in the world. Babies roll, crawl, then walk without giving up. There's never a question or thought in our minds at this developmental stage to stop. But somewhere along the way, people's negative "you can't" attitude toward your development can...
  12. Mary Morrissey

    What Gandhi Wants You to Know About the Power of Positive Thinking

    Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." What does this mean? How does it embody the power of positive thinking… and how does it instruct us on finding happiness? We think, we speak words, and we take action. But when our words...
  13. J E Roberson

    The Best Ever Teaching On Personal Growth?

    What teaching and teacher will you never forget? What message and presenter of that message really made the light come on for you? What did they say? Do you have More than one, share em alllllll, but prioritize them please.
  14. J E Roberson

    5 Success Increasing Tips, From A Tom Cruise Movie.

    I want to share a random insight I acquired the other day! It was powerful and worthy of giving attention to. In this blog I will share a 5-part strategy for increasing success. Along with Major-William Cage, Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Edge of Tomorrow laying out this strategy, I also...
  15. Ari

    What happens when you become aware of a belief, that might be holding you back?

    I became aware that put-downs can have a major effect in holding you back in your life, especially if it was done by an authoritative figure or someone you really looked up to. So what would you say to that person today if you were to be dealt, that put down today? I had one which was " You will...
  16. Pratima

    What does success mean to you?

    Hey! What do you think, when you will say that you are successful in life?
  17. ReachMore_CJ

    Goal Setting- What has worked for you in the past?

    If you're in this forum, I'm assuming you've at least written down some goals or googled "goal-setting". I'm curious, are there any forum participants that have found methodologies that worked or had experiences where it didn't quite work well?
  18. J E Roberson

    Tips To Following Your Inner Guide

    In the sphere of personal development there are a ton of conversations on intuition, following your gut and inner wisdom. It is hard to argue that if we mindfully watch our life there isn’t a guidance system in place that helps navigate situations and circumstances. The challenge is we don’t...