personal development

  1. Pratima

    What does success mean to you?

    Hey! What do you think, when you will say that you are successful in life?
  2. C

    Personal Development- To be Process Orientated: The Power of Flow?

    This article introduces the idea of being in the moment of a process without having to think about a particular outcome, judgement, assigning values etc. I think that this is personal development because I think that we can take this term across all borders of our life socially, physically and...
  3. ReachMore_CJ

    Personal Development and Tech

    What are your favorite Personal Development Tools.... Websites Podcasts Apps Productivity hacks Books Etc... I'll start are some of mine - -Application which limits the amount of time you spend on “time-wasting” sites like facebook...
  4. allanrsm

    2016...The Year of Phenomenal!

    As 2016 is into full swing I have asked the question how can I take responsibility and make it a phenomenal year. By making it a phenomenal year I want a year where desired results come quicker, where effort applied is not draining and has value attached, where my goals become reality and I...
  5. allanrsm


    Too many times, on our journey towards our goal, we experience hardships, difficulties and obstacles that seem to continue to knock us down and push us such an extent that we feel we are going backwards. You see that every challenge and obstacle we encounter is sent to prove us...
  6. allanrsm

    What are You THINKING About

    We may have heard that thoughts become things! If not start to watch your thinking today. In our pursuit of our goals ambitions and other desires we want to manifest We need to understand that our predominant thoughts are infused in our habits, our actions and eventually become the results see...
  7. allanrsm

    What is Your Terror Barrier

    If you have never heard of the terror barrier concept you NEED TO WATCH THIS NOW! You see we have infinite potential within each and everyone of us and we can do anything and accomplish whatever our goals and dreams can perceive. However the point of difference is when we start to progress...