personal development

  1. Ally Mckean

    Q. Why Doesn't My Hubby Do What I Want Him To?

    A. Because I can't control him! I can only control me. I've been married for coming up to 7 years and I've only recently mastered this major point. I seriously started my personal development journey nearly 1 year ago and I've taken leaps and bounds past some of my major limiting beliefs, and...
  2. Samuel Rosario

    Ideas Won't Bring You Success

    Hello my friends, We all hear about the importance of ideas, that we have to have ideas to be successful. It's absolutely true. But there's something even much more important than ideas and that is: EXECUTION! When it comes to speaking, giving opinions or critcizing people are the best, but...
  3. Samuel Rosario

    This Quote Will Make Your Day

    Hello there, This is a Les Brown's quote that really struck me and have made me think. It says: '' Do not go where the path may lead but go where there's no path and leave a trail'' This can't be clearer. Just imagine that those that leave a trail didn't exist, image everybody being so...
  4. Nas

    What brought personal development?

  5. Scott Haug

    Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

    Our beliefs about what is possible often run our life. But I want to DESTROY those beliefs and change our attitude about the limitless possibilities we all have. Our limiting beliefs are usually thrown into our sub-conscience mind when we are young in the adolescence age. Family, friends, and...
  6. Scott Haug

    Hey there!

    Hello my name is Scott Haug! I am an author, speaker, and personal development coach in Los Angeles, CA. After looking at the forum, it looks like there are some high quality conversations that I would like to learn from. I am looking for any great source of self-improvement that I can find, for...
  7. Samuel Rosario

    Do We Need To Go To Collegue to Succeed in Life?

    Since we were kids our parents have told us that we have to go to college to ''be somebody'' in life, they wanted us to have a title. But it is shocking to see most of the successful people in the world that didn't go to college or didn't finish college Take a look at Rciahrd Branson, Bill...
  8. Samuel Rosario

    Don't Be Realistic!

    From far and wide we always hear people saying: " Are you crazy, It can't be done, be realistic'' '' Be rational'', but the thing here is that NEVER in the history of humanity great people have been ''realistic''. Think about Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Marthing Luther King, Albert Einstein...
  9. Samuel Rosario

    The Rich Gets Richer And The Poor, Poorer, Why?

    I once heard a really shocking quote from Jim Rohn that says: '' A very rich man once said, "If you took all the money in the world and divided it equally among everybody, it would soon be back in the same pockets it was before." What do you all think about this?
  10. Samuel Rosario

    Don't Listen to Losers

    Our world is full of people who love to criticize others, they are willing to condemn, But the problem is that this negative people giving ''advice'' most of the time haven't built anything and don't know anything about what you're trying to achieve. So it would be helpless to take advice from...
  11. J E Roberson

    The Best Ever Teaching On Personal Growth?

    What teaching and teacher will you never forget? What message and presenter of that message really made the light come on for you? What did they say? Do you have More than one, share em alllllll, but prioritize them please.
  12. Ari

    What happens when you become aware of a belief, that might be holding you back?

    I became aware that put-downs can have a major effect in holding you back in your life, especially if it was done by an authoritative figure or someone you really looked up to. So what would you say to that person today if you were to be dealt, that put down today? I had one which was " You will...
  13. Pratima

    What does success mean to you?

    Hey! What do you think, when you will say that you are successful in life?
  14. C

    Personal Development- To be Process Orientated: The Power of Flow?

    This article introduces the idea of being in the moment of a process without having to think about a particular outcome, judgement, assigning values etc. I think that this is personal development because I think that we can take this term across all borders of our life socially, physically and...
  15. ReachMore_CJ

    Personal Development and Tech

    What are your favorite Personal Development Tools.... Websites Podcasts Apps Productivity hacks Books Etc... I'll start are some of mine - -Application which limits the amount of time you spend on “time-wasting” sites like facebook...
  16. allanrsm

    2016...The Year of Phenomenal!

    As 2016 is into full swing I have asked the question how can I take responsibility and make it a phenomenal year. By making it a phenomenal year I want a year where desired results come quicker, where effort applied is not draining and has value attached, where my goals become reality and I...
  17. allanrsm


    Too many times, on our journey towards our goal, we experience hardships, difficulties and obstacles that seem to continue to knock us down and push us such an extent that we feel we are going backwards. You see that every challenge and obstacle we encounter is sent to prove us...
  18. allanrsm

    What are You THINKING About

    We may have heard that thoughts become things! If not start to watch your thinking today. In our pursuit of our goals ambitions and other desires we want to manifest We need to understand that our predominant thoughts are infused in our habits, our actions and eventually become the results see...
  19. allanrsm

    What is Your Terror Barrier

    If you have never heard of the terror barrier concept you NEED TO WATCH THIS NOW! You see we have infinite potential within each and everyone of us and we can do anything and accomplish whatever our goals and dreams can perceive. However the point of difference is when we start to progress...