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  1. abhay22

    Personal Development

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! The #1 entrepreneurial event in 2020 : Becoming The Millionaire Student 2020 Virtual Event Re-Define You, Your Business, Your Brand And Net-Worth At The 2-Day VIRTUAL EVENT... How We React Is Determined By...
  2. Your Career Club

    How To Own Guide To Self-Improvement Journey?

    Self-Improvement means enhancing your own value or worth. Self-Improvement is the process where you learn from the mistake of yours or others and be a better version of yourself. Where to begin is the problem many of us face right now. How and where to begin the improvement journey, what...
  3. elena_m

    Guys, please participate in our personal development survey

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and hope it is ok to share the request to all of you to support a launch of our new website on personal development and learning. Would you mind spending 7-10 min to help us get some insights about how and why you learn? You will get between 16-35 questions...
  4. Sanaa11

    Want to learn how to manifest the life of your dream?

    This eBook called “The Abundance Mindset” will show you how:
  5. D

    What was your best procrastination day?

    Hey guys just did my affirmations today and they were so rejuvenating, also I'm looking for other like minded people and their opinions on how to get rid of distractions and excuses and be focused. My mate recommended this video, has anyone seen this guy? And let me know how did you manage...
  6. J

    How to do Personal development

    Personal Development Tips
  7. J

    5 Things WRONG With Our Goals (How To Set Goals & Achieve Them)

    We all know how useful goals can be, so what's another goal-setting tip you'd add to this list? :) Hope it helps!
  8. Nicholas D'Arezzo

    Do You Really Know What You Want?

    Do you feel lost or feel like you are in a rut? Do you wonder where you are heading in life? Maybe it’s because you don't know what you truly want and can't seem to figure it out. You only know what you are “supposed” to want according to the norm. Unfortunately, what you are supposed to want...
  9. C

    What could be some short-term and long-term goal ideas relating to the personal development goals of Managing Stress and Share Myself?

    What could be some short-term and long-term goal ideas relating to: 1. Managing Stress 2. Share Myself Thanks for any suggestions that you may have.
  10. coach

    How to live in present moment(NOW)

    Have you been so stress lately? That it almost took your life away? That you feel life is not good to you? That whatever you do, you still face many negative things? Do you also wonder why it always happen to you? You think that life is unfair, no matter what you do to get up life always kick...
  11. Ese joy

    3 powerful and easy money visualization techniques

    Money visualization techniques enable you to attract more money, prosperity, and opportunities in your life. Don't worry though. These wealth attraction methods I am about to impart are easy and even fun to do. And there's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. We all want to gain more money...
  12. Mick IOM

    Hi Everyone! Who here's is on the same endless journey?

    Hi everyone, My name is Mick, (25 yo) from the Netherlands, and I've been involved in the forum for a short period of time now. The reason for being here is to share my 2 cents on personal development and to read other people's opinion on the matter, as I find self-improvement very fascinating...
  13. Benjamin Bogle

    You Have to Give Up to Achieve More

    How much of your “work” is actually moving you forward? Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash In an age where entrepreneurship and personal development are sexy, the mindset of today’s culture is to add, add, add. More meetings, more emails, more conferences, more projects. More, more, more. When...
  14. Habits101

    How to Believe in Yourself (More than Self-Esteem and Confidence)

    Hi, I'm Daniel! Has anyone bought the 67 Steps Program by Tai Lopez? I saw that his course had 187,000 members and I watched a video of him a few months ago where he explained the 67 steps to get anything I want out of life: Health, Wealth, Love, & Happiness I always wanted to end my anxiety...
  15. Five Big Ideas

    Some Inspiring Ideas from Jim Rohn

    Here are my favorite ideas from the book "My Philosophy for Successful Living" by Jim Rohn! I hope you like it, and I'd love to get some constructive feedback on how I can deliver the ideas better to you :)
  16. Five Big Ideas

    My favorite 5 ideas from the book "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

    Hey! :) If you're interested in doing less of the trivial stuff, and more of what really matters, I hope you can get some valuable insights in this video.
  17. Samuel Rosario

    It's Easier To Succeed Than To Fail

    Maybe you thought that I wrote my title incorrectly.. I did not.. You see, our natural instinct as humans beings is to win. We have been born to win in life. We have come to this world to be free, to be winners, to succeed When we are kids we don't understand the words ; ''You're not allowed''...
  18. Samuel Rosario

    What Books Have Inspired You To Succeed?

    Hello there, Today I wanna mention the books that have lead me to have a mental metamorphosis in my life. These books are advisable to read for every people. And most importantly are Life-Chaning. I constantly read, but I wanna share 5 books that have meant a lot for me: 1-How To Win...
  19. Samuel Rosario

    Your Mind Is Limitless, Why?

    Hello my friends This video is gonna shake you up. Just empowering! Your mind has no limitations, which means that your possibilities have no limitations either. Watch it Here!. Discover the huge potential within yourself Samuel Rosario
  20. Samuel Rosario

    Rich People Don't Complain

    Hello my friends, Today I wanna share with you this powerful video We all need to understand that we have to take full responsabilities of our lives. 95% of people complain and ascribe their lack of success to something else rather than themselves Watch this awesome video where 3 wealthy...