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  1. T

    Finding your purpose. How to.

    A NASA Inspired Technique to Figure Out What to DO with Your Career (&Life) What you see here is a combination of the secrets from that programme plus my experiences gathered after going through 5 years of pain to figure out my life and find my purpose — so that you can find yours! Ready? Step...
  2. Han

    Hopefully useful for you

    Hello Forum, Personal Growth One Step At A Time is a coaching blue print that I have used with my patients for 34+ years. I have used it for myself and I have used it for my family. Coaching in my Practice has always been very relaxed but to-the-point banter with the occasional metaphor to...
  3. Ally Mckean

    Hi, I'm Ally & I'd Like to Share My Best Personal Development Tip Thus Far

    Hi, I'm Ally and I'm new here and very happy to find this forum so I can share, with excitment, my personal development wins in a like-minded community. I've been on my P.D. journey for about a year now and very early on in my study I picked up on something that got me hooked on P.D... I...