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  1. W

    What exactly is self discipline, and how do I make sure that I have it?

    I know that discipline is very attractive to people. I find discipline attractive. I want to end up with someone disciplined and I want there to be give and take - sometimes I will pick up the slack and other times my partner will pick up the slack. But I don't even feel ready for a relationship...
  2. Euan Ellery

    How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

    How to Stay Focused on Your Goals - Check out my video via this link Not quite sure why you can't seem to find the motivation to stay focused on your goals? In this video I discuss a few things which can help you to stay motivated, but also a range of strategies to make sure that the goals you...
  3. sarbelle

    Hello! My name is SarBelle and I've just started a blog in an attempt to help people

    So I basically decided to started a blog with a mixture of personal development, self-help and some of my experiences. I feel confident but people are not very responsive (including my friends). I feel like I'm giving the best advice I can but I'm not too sure, can you please give me advice on...
  4. Han

    Hopefully useful for you

    Hello Forum, Personal Growth One Step At A Time is a coaching blue print that I have used with my patients for 34+ years. I have used it for myself and I have used it for my family. Coaching in my Practice has always been very relaxed but to-the-point banter with the occasional metaphor to...
  5. Known

    Mastermind Alliance, The Story of Knowledge and Success

    Hello, We are lifeforms of what they call earth in a time called 2017. Humans have roamed this earth even before it had been recorded or documented. Although our "ancestors", the Neanderthals reportedly from over 500,000 years ago were exposed to a completely different existence. Mankind has...
  6. Christopher

    Happy to be joining a community of like-minded individuals

    Hi guys, This is my first time joining a forum and I think it's way over due for me. I recently got into the field of self development since I felt I could be more, achieve more and ultimately contribute more by making a bigger impact in the world. I can't shut up about this subject so...
  7. Jillian Arena

    Excited to Join the Discussion

    Hi Everybody, My name is Jillian Arena. I am a Certified Life Coach and RYT-200. I'm super excited to have joined the discussion and hope that I can use my own past and knowledge to help other people find the best version of themselves. What led me to becoming a coach was honestly a series...
  8. Kevin Mahoney

    The Compound Effect

    I have been focusing on the practical aspects of personal growth lately. Growth, of any kind, can be an exciting but overwhelming proposition. While reading John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, I was introduced to Darren Hardy’s concept of the Compound Effect. While not a...
  9. M

    "In Silence There Is Strength: Bending Reality Without Making a Single Move"

    This book has helped me more than I expected. Just wanted to share the good news to everyone, it’s free today! Get yours now before the time runs out. The promo is just until the 21st of December. Get it here:
  10. improvingjoe

    check out my youtube!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but not new to personal-development. I'm an 18 year old guy from England and have started a youtube channel to get out of my comfort zone and share my thoughts, and to also connect with others all over the world who think the same as I do and have the same...
  11. J

    Doing more than that's expected...

    My name is Julio and this is my 3rd video from my YouTube channel. I am very into personal growth and development which is what my channel and videos focus on. Here's a bit about this one! I've learned and studied the benefits of doing more than what I've been paid for or what's been...
  12. J

    Developing Your Self-Confidence!

    When we're born, we have all the self confidence in the world. Babies roll, crawl, then walk without giving up. There's never a question or thought in our minds at this developmental stage to stop. But somewhere along the way, people's negative "you can't" attitude toward your development can...
  13. P

    Self Development Information Supported By Scientific Evidence

    Hi, here is a video on dealing with stress, that contains information supported by scientific evidence: All the best to everyone.