mind health

  1. AnnaSokol

    Is it possible to bring the mindfulness into your everyday life?

    The desire to live, interest in life, the taste of life and joy come back thanks to the technique... I always knew that the world I see exists only in my perspective and for successful happy and healthy life you need to learn how to be aware of the illusions of your brain and the true intentions...
  2. Han

    Hopefully useful for you

    Hello Forum, Personal Growth One Step At A Time is a coaching blue print that I have used with my patients for 34+ years. I have used it for myself and I have used it for my family. Coaching in my Practice has always been very relaxed but to-the-point banter with the occasional metaphor to...
  3. Ally Mckean

    What's The Value Of Mind Health Compared To Body Health?

    Do the two work together equally? I don't think so, not quite, maybe even not at all. I've pursued a great body and attemped to become physically amazing...but I've always valued my mind and the 'inside' of me as opposed to the 'outside' of me as being an imperative part of my existence and my...