1. D-Quit

    Failure is not a defeat

    Failure is not Defeat In this short article, I will be writing what failure is all about and how to deal with it. What is Failure? Failure is the lack of achieving an intended purpose or goals which you set for yourself. It is not a dead end when you fail in many areas of life be it...
  2. Caleb Larsen

    Saying hello

    Thought I had better properly introduce myself. I joined about 6 months ago but then I didn't do anything when I did. I'm back now and really want to become a contributor to this forum. Hello, My name is Caleb but lots of people know me as "K'lub" or "Gingersquatch." Both really fun...
  3. Scott Haug

    5 Ways To Increase Your Awareness

    Awareness plays a critical role in our daily lives. By increasing our awareness, we often better understand what is possible to achieve. Awareness is defined in the dictionary as, "the state or condition of being aware; having knowledge; consciousness." Having knowledge and understanding how to...