1. Catherine8

    Learn about his secret obsession

    I wished I could just tell her about the secret signal I knew would fix everything for her. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE I wish every human best luck in their relationship read how this powerful online training helped me alot. I'm still gonna be greatful forever.
  2. YourLifeTools

    The Best Way To Attain Spirituality & Mindfulness

    I call this the "Law of Life" "I can do whatever I want, as long as I don't harm Anything or Anyone, especially Myself! And whenever I can, I will HELP those in NEED because it is the HUMAN thing to do!" The first part is Total RESPECT for the entire universe! The second part is all about...
  3. luckynotlost

    Telling people to do what they love is empty advice...

    Ok, this is something I think is a bit confrontational to say. But when everyone says 'Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life' I disagree. We can't ALL do what we love, so you're kind of saying let me do what I want and someone else can do the boring stuff. What I...
  4. Edwin Low

    How do you know if he's the one?

    I don't think the question is 'how do you know if he's the right one'. I think it's really more about, how do you know if you are the right for him/her. Because, you have to figure out your side of the puzzle piece first before you can fit it with his/her puzzle piece - so who are you really...
  5. Kezzielee

    The Law of Attraction and Love, Manifesting the Love of Your Life

    The two biggest driving forces for people getting into The Law of Attraction is either to make more money or to find their soulmates. After doing some looking around I saw that there are lot of people who are trying to manifest love or love with a specific person. So how does The Law of...
  6. Nas

    Me, myself and love obsessional

    It's a little history in my childhood where I have suffered of love obsessional. Come on discover how I have succeeded to release of this vice ;-)
  7. W

    How to cultivate loving kindness?

    Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum. I am in a process of constant self-improvement and now I'm trying to cultivate loving kindness. The problem is that so far I've not been able to generate such mental state. All the guided loving-kindness meditations I've found on the internet so far...
  8. Etheric Archives

    6 Harsh Love Truths That You Absolutely Need to Hear!

    Here's one of them: 1. The past can’t stay in the past. It just can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t live in the present moment and be fully present with our partners. Peace with our past and theirs is what leads to ultimate acceptance of one another. Some try so hard to forget, that they are...
  9. Etheric Archives

    10 Unique Date Ideas for Happy Couples! :)

    Even if you’ve been in your relationship or marriage (or as I’d like to say creationship) for years, it doesn’t mean things should ever get boring. Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal shows that even after a decade of marriage, couples can still be more in love than ever by...